Post, VFX, & Animation


Nexus Canada SPFX

Nexus Canada is a full service special effects company providing on-set special effects solutions. We provide a broad range of practical FX to the film and television sector as well as the music video and commercial worlds.

Northern Light & Colour

Comfortable and secure, our rental edit suites are nimble and can be configured with any spec. Equipped with online and offline edit suites available for both long form and short form productions, each suite can be customized with hardware and software based on your individualized editing needs.

Riley Lake Productions

From commercials and music videos, to scripted television and feature films, we have the team, equipment and experience to bring virtually any project to fruition. 

Hideaway Pictures

Hideaway Pictures is the largest full service production company in Northern Ontario, providing both creative and production services to a wide range of clients in film and television industry.

Gallus Entertainment (Animation)

Gallus Entertainment is a highly regarded Canadian developer and producer of animated series. Through Canadian and International Co-productions Gallus bring reliability and quality to each and every production.

Inspired Image Picture Company

We can assist you from the early creative of your project through to production coordination, crewing, and equipment rentals to the final post-production of your project or any stage along the way.

Deadpan Studios

Deadpan Studios is a professional recording studio marrying vintage and cutting edge equipment and techniques with a live room suited for music production as well as voice over and ADR. 

MidCoast Sound Inc.

At MidCoast Productions, our passion is sound. That’s why producers from North America, Europe, Asia and Africa have trusted us with their on-set and post-production audio needs.

Sound Sculptures Sonores

Daniel Bédard has been composing music, designing and editing sound, and creating stereo and surround mixes for multimedia installations, film, TV, radio, and theatrical productions for over thirty years.

North Bay

Canadore College of Applied Arts and Technology

Post Production at Canadore is one of the most modern post production facility of its kind in Ontario. Offering its services to regional, provincial, national and international production companies, Post Production at Canadore is uniquely-positioned to educate and offer post production services to the film, television, and video production industry.

Sawasquirrel Productions 

SAS Post-Production consists of editorial support and co-ordination, and includes support for all elements of post-production, allowing filmmakers to do post-production work in Northern Ontario.

Rolling Thunder House of SPFX

Rolling Thunder has the experience and equipment to make your vision come to life. Atmosphere, Fog, Smoke, Wind, Dry Ice, Rain & Water FX, Steam, Fire, Pyrotechnics, Snow, Rigging, Fabrication and much more…


The RFPMEDIA post-production team organizes and edits the production footage, music, graphics, titles, visual effects, and color grading to deliver the final distribution product.

Post Production North

Assists with everything you need to pull off your film project in Northern Ontario: post-production, video production, assistance with grant applications, community support, and location scouting.

Sound Design International (Powassan)

Sound Design International (SDI) is a post-production service company based in Northern Ontario that has been serving the Sudbury, North Bay, Toronto and Los Angeles film & television industries since 1996. SDI was founded by Emmy award winning sound supervisor and designer Geoff Raffan. 

Sault Ste. Marie

The Rolling Picture Company

Whatever project it may be ー short film,  feature, documentary or TV and commercial  ー we will be there to assist you in every stage of post production from data management to final delivery.

Edge Entertainment 

Founded by Producer Rosalie Chilelli, Edge Entertainment has been servicing feature films in Canada since 2009. Through a newly formed division in partnership with Producer Jennifer Pun, it develops original content for Screen, Television, and Digital Platforms worldwide. 

Village Electric

Multimedia production studio focusing on high quality corporate and commercial video, audio recording, virtual set design and related services.

Thunder Bay


We cater to clients in both the music and film industries in a variety of capacities, offering creative and technical services like music composition and production, mixing, sound design, foley, ADR, narration/voice acting and location sound, among others.

Apple Wagon Films

Our experienced videographers can confidently tackle any phase of video production in Thunder Bay. This includes creative development, producing, videography and editing.

Epica Pictures 

Based in Thunder Bay, Ontario. We have travelled all over the world working on everything from television to corporate. We focus on the various aspects of both aerials, photography and cinematography.

MorVision Video Productions

From documentaries to comprehensive promotional and educational videos, MorVision provides a wide range of professionally produced products.


We are first and foremost a film and video production company. Sound design, color timing, digital film acquisition (Arri, RED, Sony, Blackmagic,) production design and writing.

Sheba Films

ShebaFilms is a film production company based in Thunder Bay, Ontario. We focus primarily on documentary filmmaking, but we also produce fiction, commercial and educational films.

Kingly Post-Production

A video editing company based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, focusing on the entire post-production process for Film, Video and New Media projects.

Imagine Films

An experienced aerial video and photographic specialist. Our aerial work is fully licensed with Transport Canada maintaining a RPAS Advanced License. We are also fully insured.