Filming in Sudbury

Filming in Sudbury, Ontario

Population: 170,000
Distance From Toronto: 399km (248 miles) Show me on the map
Eligible for Northern Ontario-specific funding: Yes

Sudbury: Your Northern Basecamp is the business center of Northern Ontario's film industry.

As the fastest-growing municipality in the North, we have the local crew, infrastructure, studio space, equipment and supporting businesses ready to service productions of all sizes.

The second largest municipality in Canada, Sudbury’s landscape boasts unparalleled diversity.

Powerful waterfalls cutting through old-growth forests, turn-of-the-century farms, industrial facilities with mines and caverns, gritty and pristine urban downtowns, small-town centers, and a wide range of styles in residential neighbourhoods are all at your disposal, right here in Sudbury.

Filming in Sudbury means:

  • Access to special financial incentives, like the NOHFC
  • Growing production infrastructure including 16,000 sq. ft. main stage
  • Dedicated Film Office for boots-on-the-ground support
  • Variety of cultural, residential, and industrial locations
  • Film-friendly policies and no film permit fees to fast-track camera roll
  • Passionate and bilingual crews highly skilled in all departments
  • Easily accessible through 1-hour flight from Toronto
  • World class food and drink, and over 2,000 hotel rooms

Information on Film Permits

Film Permits and Guidelines


Clayton Drake, Film Officer
705-674-4455 ext. 2478
The City of Greater Sudbury

Fox Lake Lodge
Bay Road
Hospital Winter
Church Winter
Downtown Winter
Fire Side Inn
Downtown Sunset
Place des Arts Night
Donovan Street
Paradise Lagoon
Kukagami Road
Garson Pit
Dynamic Earth

Sudbury: Your Northern Basecamp


Sudbury's downtown includes heritage buildings and modern multi-level offices. Streets can be cheated to show almost any time period, with graffiti-covered alleys, clean sidewalks, or industrial landscapes. Unique destinations like Science North or the underground mine at Dynamic Earth offer something different, and lakes, forests, and cliffs are all within a few minutes drive of virtually any downtown location.

Residential homes from the turn of the century compliment neighbourhoods from the 60s, 70s and 80s, along with a some larger modern homes overlooking the boreal forest. Sudbury can double for virtually anywhere in the world -- and out of it, too.


Sudbury is home to a diverse and growing base of skilled technicians and filmmakers that help keep production costs low - some of which with over 20 years of experience supporting the industry's two-decade rise in Northern Ontario. Our crews are qualified, versatile, and eager to work on your next project.

Connect with Set Designers, Key Grips, Gaffers, Hair and Makeup Artists, Transport Captains, Location Managers, Line Producers, Production Managers, and more; many of our emerging and established crew can be found on CION's Crew Database.


Film your vision at the Northern Ontario Film Studios (NOFS), the region's first production studio that has hosted countless projects since 2012. With a 16,000-square-foot single-span main stage floor, on- and off-site production offices, department rooms, and a craft kitchen, NOFS is a one-stop-shop for incoming producers.

Sudbury also has Northern Ontario's largest equipment rental facility, with William F. White International Inc., a Sunbelt Rentals company, providing professional equipment and expertise to projects of all sizes. Upcoming studio developments, including White Owl Film Studios just 20-minutes from the city, aim to increase producer access to state-of-the art facilities in the North.

Resources in Sudbury

Employment Land Community Improvement Plan (CIP)

CIP Details (PDF - 2.1mb)

Film and television infrastructure projects can receive a Tax Increment Equivalent Grant (TIEG) to offset the increase in property assessment and municipal property tax based on the completed project. The TIEG will subsidize 100 per cent of the municipal portion of the increase in property assessment and municipal property tax. Grants will be available for a three, five, seven or 10-year period based on scoring.

Greater Sudbury Animation Partnership (GSAP) at Cambrian College

GSAP Details (PDF - 426.6kb)

GSAP offers a non-repayable funding opportunity for animation and game design projects being developed in the Greater Sudbury region. Delivered through Cambrian College's department of Applied Research, the funding unlocks 500 hours of student time to assist with project development. A $2,500.00 investment from the partner organization is required to unlock a funding voucher valued at $12,500.00, for a total project budget of $15,000.00.

  • North Bay, Sudbury, Timmins , Kapuskasing

    For productions requiring major construction, this established Canadian supplier rents compact, aerial and heavy industrial and construction vehicles and equipment, with outlets all over Northern Ontario (available in North Bay, Timmins, and Kapuskasing).

    22 Pacific Avenue
    Sudbury, Ontario
    Derek Cashmore
  • Sudbury

    Inventory includes a complete array of film and television lighting, grip equipment and an extensive fleet of crystal sync generators. We also carry a wide range of remote heads and cranes, camera cars and related specialty, state-of-the-art production equipment and expendables able to accommodate any size production in Northern Ontario.

    828 Beatrice Crescent
    Sudbury, Ontario
    David Anselmo
  • Sudbury

    Fully stocked sound equipment rental house, serving some of Sudbury’s most high-profile productions.

    Sudbury, Ontario
    David Ottier
  • Sudbury

    Parhelion Productions is a testament to a well-run and meticulously organized media production company. We operate with precision and dedication, ensuring that every aspect of our services is executed seamlessly. One key element of our commitment to excellence is our comprehensive insurance coverage, providing both our team and our clients with peace of mind in every project we undertake.

    PO Box 99900 PH 388 732 RPO
    Sudbury, Ontario P3C 0A5
    Bob Perreault
  • Sudbury

    The Sudbury outlet of the longstanding go-to rental house has supplied lighting and grip equipment to some of the area’s most high-profile feature and TV productions.

    922 Cambrian Heights Drive, Unit 2
    Sudbury, Ontario
    Josh Desormeaux
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