Northern Ontario is a unique production destination that is spread over a vast geographical area, including the Northern communities of: Greater SudburyNorth BayParry SoundSault Ste. MarieThunder Bay and Timmins. Offering a growing roster of skilled local crew, quality services, and diverse locations, the region is well-equipped to host your film or television project.

Explore Northern Ontario's amenities and locations through this three-stage program that connects you with municipal stakeholders who have answers to your project-specific needs. Eligible producers may be invited to an in-person tour of the municipality of their choice.

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In addition to a growing group of homegrown producers, filmmakers, and consultants available for hire, CION's Director of Industry Development and Production Services provides one-on-one walkthroughs on how to trigger cash flow in Northern Ontario.

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MAPPED Crew Funding

CION's extensive crew database complements union listings to help you find the right people to support your production at every stage. Create a producer profile to browse and connect with regional film crew members across all departments who post their resumes, credentials, and contact information on the Crew Database.

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Our directory of regional resources and service providers help you identify and connect with an expanding list of businesses and start-ups across Northern Ontario’s major production centres: Greater SudburyNorth BayParry SoundSault Ste. MarieThunder Bay and Timmins. Optimize your production grants by working with Northern Ontario-based companies and suppliers on your production—we've got all our major studios, equipment providers, vendors, and suppliers listed here.

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Captivating viewers from across the globe, Canada's film and television production industry drives a 9-billion-dollar industry that promotes countless opportunities for producers, storytellers, vendors, and crew to create content in the North.

Boasting incentives that compliment, encourage, and facilitate the growth of the film and television industry, Northern Ontario has positioned itself as one of Canada's leading production jurisdictions. Northern Ontario has become a premier destination for productions looking for picturesque landscapes and rural realism, attracting the creatively inclined, the skilled tradespeople, and the storytellers of the world.

Northern Ontario is home to six major production centres each offering distinct qualities across a boreal forest backdrop. Learn about our cities and the resources available in each one to discover your next project’s landing place. 


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Reach out to CION’s Director of Industry Development and Production Services to solidify your strategy and bring your film or television project to Northern Ontario.

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