Northern Ontario is Ready for its Close Up

Funding incentives, production support, picturesque looks – Northern Ontario boasts the qualities and benefits that make movie magic happen. We work alongside producers, regional representatives, vendors, and local crew to build your dream team in locations like no other – reach out to CION and learn how we can bring your next production to fruition.

How CION Supports Northern Film & TV

One of North America’s fastest growing production jurisdictions, Northern Ontario is an exemplary destination for film and television development. CION helps producers find the resources and locations they need across Northern Ontario’s vast geographical space and connects regional film crew with projects requiring their expertise. Through accessible workforce development programming, CION fuels the region’s creative growth to ensure that the next generation of film crew and creatives have a clear pathway toward sustainable career growth in Northern Ontario.

Producer’s Guide to Filming in the North

Film Crew’s Guide to Working in the North

Make a crew or producer profile to connect with the right person for your next project or contract.
Get the inside scoop on upcoming film & TV projects shooting in Northern Ontario.
CION’s development program provides compensation to production companies that hire and train emerging film crew members from Northern Ontario.
Big-budget features, short films, and everything in between – see what’s been shot in Northern Ontario.
Find solutions for your project needs and explore Northern Ontario's production landscape with CION.
Discover and connect with regional businesses, service providers, and film vendors

Latest Film & TV News

Film Shoot
CION's Latest Report Looks Toward the Future of Film & TV in Northern Ontario

The 'Northern Ontario Workforce & Studio Infrastructure Assessment Report' seeks to inform industry developments that can sustain and grow the regional film & TV sector, create jobs, and bolster the economy.

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Feature Film in Northern Ontario
Celebrate Canadian Film Day with Northern Flicks!

Search by genre to discover where you can watch feature films made in Northern Ontario!

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