About Us

The mandate of Cultural Industries Ontario North (CION) is to stimulate and promote Northern Ontario's film, television and music industries, as well as provide educational programs to foster the advancement of our region's emerging talent. 

With a population of nearly 800,000, millions of hectares of forest and six major cities ready to host film productions, Northern Ontario is a thriving cultural destination that balances urban life with relaxing respite. We're here to connect and support local and international creators who want to discover what the North has to offer.

If you're a film producer looking to take advantage of the growing resources and financial benefits of Northern Ontario, our 'Producer's Guide' is exactly what you're looking for.

Similarly, CION's music page provides northern musicians with resources to help develop their careers and bring their music to new stages.

General information: 

Director, Industry Development and Production Services:
Devin Mahesh

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Devin Mahesh brings over 15 years of international film and television production experience to the CION team. After graduating from York University, Devin was accepted into the prestigious New York Film Academy's film and television production program. In 2009, he won the Canadian Media Producers Association's National Mentorship Award. As Devin began working on larger projects with more complex financial structures and technical requirements, his respect for filmmakers and his understanding of their unique challenges grew. He has worked on award-winning international co-productions of feature films, television series, documentaries, music videos, and video games.

Music Sector Development Officer:
Melanie St-Pierre

Melanie St-Pierre is a musician, music industry professional, and illustrator from Northern Ontario who resides in Sudbury, Ontario. Melanie is the lead singer and songwriter of the critically acclaimed band Casper Skulls, which was previously nominated for a SOCAN songwriting award. Melanie is a graduate of the Visual and Creative Arts program with honors from Sheridan College, where she received the Works of Paper Award of Excellence. After graduation, she worked at SAMO Media as a project manager and art department manager, and then in the role of art director when the company merged with Precision Record Pressing in 2016, which is the largest vinyl record manufacturing facility in Canada.

Workforce Development Officer:
Jodie Wiebe

Jodie's experience in the film and television production industry, where she played a key role in several regional projects, has given her the skills and interest to train the next generation of film crews on the opportunities that the North can offer. With roots firmly planted in Northern Ontario, Jodie graduated from Cambrian College before honing her administrative and research skills working with production companies and television crews. Jodie is committed to supporting the growth of the film and television production industry in Northern Ontario by implementing programs that foster career development and bridge the gap between Northerners and productions that visit the region.

Workforce Assessment and Planning Officer:
Bruno Rocca

Bruno Rocca, an Art Director from Northern Ontario, has experience working on over 45 film & TV projects -- including designing two films in 2021. An active member of DGC Ontario, Bruno holds a degree in Communication Studies, a Graphic Design diploma, and an MBA Essentials from the Rotman School of Management. Currently, Bruno is working with CION on a workforce development study to promote workforce growth in Pan-Northern communities. Bruno's approach to design is inclusive and inspires other creatives by engaging the local art community during the filmmaking process.

Events Support and Asset Coordination Officer:
Jordan Belowos

Jordan Belowos is a Northern Ontario based screenwriter, musician, comedian and actor. He studied Film Studies at Toronto Metropolitan University and was the recipient of a bursary in the Writing for Film and Television Diploma Program at Toronto Film School. Jordan was a member of the critically acclaimed Toronto based glam/rock band Blonde Elvis, and also performed in different sketch comedy groups before relocating to his hometown of Sudbury, Ontario in 2020. His role at CION of event and program facilitation and asset organization draws heavily on his experience gained from years in the music and film industries.

Communications and Logistics Officer:
Samuel Boucher

Originally from Kapuskasing, Ontario, Samuel moved to Sudbury to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric and Media Studies at Laurentian University and was exposed to the local film world through the Motion Pictures Arts program. Samuel went on to complete a master's degree in Humanities at Laurentian University. In his role with CION, Samuel uses his experience in the not-for-profit sector developing communications strategies and exploring networking opportunities, as well as his strong passion for the arts, to promote the music and film and television production industries in Northern Ontario.

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