The Sounds of Northern Ontario

An expansive, awe-inspiring environment with a rich variety of artists, Northern Ontario is a musician’s retreat where creatives craft and play among the harmonious influence of the forests, minerals, and freshwater that bring life to our region.

CION wants to elevate your sound to new stages and help you find your footing in Northern Ontario’s music scene – reach out today to get started.

How CION Supports Northern Musicians

Through live music showcases, professional development opportunities, support with finding the right funding, and music festival outreach, CION sets musicians toward the path of career growth in the Northern Ontario music industry. We support both emerging and established musicians in the pursuit of sustainable employment where their talents are center stage.

CION’s growing music forum invites you to promote your musicality with likeminded folks – create a band or musician profile today to connect with other creatives through ON Stage’s discussion board.

ON Stage allows musicians from Northern Ontario to network, promote upcoming shows and projects, and collaborate with other creatives across the region. Keep up to date with all information sessions, funding deadlines, and professional development activities available for Northern musicians by logging on to ON Stage weekly!

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