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This is your one-stop-shop for hiring skilled crew in Northern Ontario. The Crew Database lets you search by region, position, union affiliation, and more, to help you assemble a team of northern talent who can bring your creative visions to life.

The database features over 1,000 ‘Established’ and ‘Emerging’ crew profiles that span a wide variety of specialized and entry-level positions.

Established Crew

Let decision makers know that you’re the right person for the job. Showcase your skills, experience, and certifications through the Crew Database to increase your chances of connecting with producers who are looking to hire.

* If your crew profile does not include an IMDB link or production credits, you will be listed as ‘Emerging Crew’ on the database.

Emerging Crew

New to the industry? The Crew Database can be your first step toward a career working on Film & TV projects in Northern Ontario. No experience on set needed: market your skills and make the jump to a growing industry.

* You can become an ‘Established Crew’ by adding an IMDB link and production credits to your existing profile.

Key Features of our Database Include:

  • Up-to-date listings of all available crew in Northern Ontario;
  • Searchable by Name, City, Credit, Production, Union Affiliation;
  • Links to personalized crew profiles (IMDB, LinkedIn, Vimeo, etc);
  • Standardized resume templates and crew profiles for easy search.

Click here to get started and create your profile or to browse our crew listings.

CION cannot verify that all crew members listed in the Crew Database will be deemed eligible Northern hires in the context of meeting certain funding requirements. It is the responsibility of the producer to identify if the hiring of specific crew represents costs spent inside of Northern Ontario.

Crew Database FAQ

Ideal candidates for the Crew Database are individuals who reside in Northern Ontario and support the motion picture production industry; recent film program graduates, experienced film crew, up-and-coming film crew, and producers. However, domestic and international producers are invited to create Producer Profiles if they are planning a Northern project.

While the Crew Database is designed for individuals who can demonstrate proof of a career in Northern Ontario’s film and television production industry, Northerners with transferable skills or limited-to-moderate experience supporting film productions are invited to create an account.

Find and click the ‘Sign Up’ prompt at the top right of your screen. You will be brought to the ‘CREATE A CION ACCOUNT’ webpage, allowing you to choose between creating a Crew Member profile or a Producer Profile for the Crew Database.

After selecting one of the above options, you are required to fill out a brief form that is sent to CION staff for review before your account is approved or declined. If your account is approved, you will receive a confirmation email.

The IMDB link requirement when creating a crew profile is used to identify established film crew members from individuals who do not have tangible experience working within the industry. If you do not include an IMDB link to your profile, your account will be labeled as ‘Novice’ to indicate to producers that you are new in your role.

Once you have worked on a production that is listed on IMDB, please edit your crew profile to include your work experience, which will consequently remove the ‘Novice’ tag from your account. CION is in the process of updating the 'Novice' tag feature - check back soon for more information!

When a Crew Profile is created and approved, it becomes visible only to CION staff, crew members, and producers who have been approved to utilize the Crew Database's search function. A Producer Profile, on the other hand, is not public facing on the Crew Database. Rather, a Producer Profile’s only capability is to search for and connect with Crew Profiles while remaining anonymous to the Crew Database’s search capabilities.

Yes! After successfully creating your initial crew database profile, find and click the ‘Dashboard’ prompt at the top right of your screen. This will bring you to your profile’s center of operations. 

Found under the heading ‘Profiles’, click “+Create New Profile”. Here, you will be able to select either Crew Member or Producer (depending on which option was selected when you initially set up your account). Complete the following form and your request will be sent to CION staff for review before being approved or declined.

If your secondary account is approved, you can switch between Crew and Producer profiles by visiting the ‘Dashboard’.

Owners of Crew Profiles must indicate that they are available to consistently work in at least one of Northern Ontario’s six major production centres and that the bulk of their professional careers take place in the region.

While permanent residence in Northern Ontario is not a mandatory requirement, individuals residing elsewhere must prove that they are committed to working in Northern Ontario for an extended period of time before their Crew Profile is approved.

If you are unsure of your eligibility, please reach out to CION staff.

Your profile was likely declined because you did not provide sufficient evidence to suggest you are an eligible film crew member or producer. 

The review process of Crew Database profiles includes researching prospective film crew and producers using the information supplied in the ‘Sign Up’ intake form. If both the ‘Personal Website’ and ‘IMDB’ link field options are left blank, it proves difficult for CION staff to identify if an individual is eligible to access the Crew Database.

If you believe CION has made an error in declining your Crew Database profile, please reach out and let us know!

When your profile is approved, you must complete your profile edit to ensure that it is visible to crew and producers that utilize the Crew Database. To edit your profile, make sure you are logged in to your profile and click the 'Dashboard' prompt at the top right of your screen. From here, select ‘Edit Profile’. 

Complete the following form by including the relevant information and your profile will become visible to anyone browsing the Crew Database. Please note that only individuals with approved profiles can browse the Crew Database. Of importance: please make sure to indicate your work availability where indicated when editing your account - if these details are not filled in, your profile will be listed as unavailable to work.

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage you to update your profile regularly to ensure your work experience and availability stay up to date - this will increase your chances of connecting with a producer who is looking for immediate assistance!

To edit your profile, find and click the ‘Dashboard’ prompt at the top right of your screen. From here, select ‘Edit Your Account’. Complete the following form with updated information and your profile will reflect these changes.

Yes! If you have forgotten your password or email address attached to your Crew/Producer Profile, please reach out to CION to let us know - a staff member will update your account and provide you with a new password. Likewise, CION staff can let you know what email address is attached to your Crew Database profile, if needed.