Filming in Timmins

What Timmins Has to Offer

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A one-hour flight from Toronto, Timmins is also easily accessible from Quebec and the northeastern US. Traditionally a mining community, Timmins allows access to past and present mines as well as acres of forest in the surrounding area, including a wildlife preserve and over 500 lakes and streams. The area's Northern location makes for a long winter season, ideal for filming in snowy conditions. This film-friendly community is eager to help your production.


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Timmins Advantages

Shooting in Timmins means:

  • Film-friendly jurisdiction for expedited permits and approvals
  • Designated municipal liaison to support film and television activity
  • Bilingual community that supports both Anglophone and Francophone productions
  • High density of mining infrastructure, and ability to access site operations
  • Robust supply and services sector, including film production services
  • Unlimited wilderness and rural vistas with picture-perfect scenery
  • Access to partnerships, incentives, and other financial supports
  • Integrated ecosystem of connections that can get you into the locations you need

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