A Producer's Guide to the North

Your complete guide to filming in Northern Ontario.

Shooting Up Here

Northern Ontario is a unique production destination that is spread over a vast geographical area, but is mainly centred around the Northern Communities of Sudbury, Parry Sound, North Bay, Thunder BaySault Ste. Marie and Timmins. Offering a growing roster of skilled local crew, quality services, and diverse locations, the region is well-equipped to host your film or television project with services and amenities growing every year.

In addition to a growing group of homegrown producers, filmmakers, and consultants available for hire, CION's Film Programs & Reporting Supervisor is available to provide one-on-one guidance on finding everything you need for your Northern production, and taking advantage of all the funding opportunities available to your production.

CION's extensive crew database complements union listings to help you find the right people to complement your production at every level and stage. And our Regional Resources show just how much is available to productions that shoot here - from post-production houses, studios, transportation services, equipment rentals, and accommodations. If we haven't listed it here, reach out. If there's one thing the North excels at, it's working together. 

Looking for One-on-One Assistance?

Speak with our Film Programs Supervisor directly for help with anything related to shooting in Northern Ontario.

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