Filming in Thunder Bay

What Thunder Bay Has to Offer

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A two-hour flight from Toronto or Winnipeg or one-hour flight from Minneapolis, Thunder Bay is a unique site for filming. It has urban locations featuring both historical and modern architecture as well as acres of boreal forest, fields, mountains, and of course the majesty of Lake Superior. Old Fort William and Founder’s Museum Pioneer Village are ready-made historical recreations of early 1800s pioneer life. In addition, the city has equipment rentals, office space, and both online and offline editing suites available.


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Thunder Bay Advantages

Shooting in Thunder Bay means:

  • Access to Northern Ontario-specific film financing
  • A film-friendly community with several local production companies
  • The Confederation College film program, one of the best film training programs in Canada with many graduates, students and faculty with the expertise and training to assist in making productions in Thunder Bay successful

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