Reasons to Bring Your Production to Northern Ontario

Our Production History

Hosting over 400 film and television projects in two decades time, Northern Ontario has emerged as a filmmaker’s playground. Continued growth across the region’s production infrastructure and skilled crew base is proudly backed by leaders at all levels who understand the value of creative expression on home soil – and who offer you the tools to make real your wildest dreams.

In 2012 NOFS became the region’s first production studio, helped accelerate the industry and signaled the race for studio space developments in film-friendly communities. By 2025, it is anticipated that Northern Ontario will add hundreds of thousands of square feet to the provincial sound stage roster.

Over the years, talent like Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch), Tom Holland, (Edge of Winter), Ethan Hawke (Born to Be Blue) followed scripts fit for the north, and represent some of the A-list actors that can be spotted in the growing list of regional film and television projects. By 2022, Northern Ontario broke production records when it hosted 40+ projects within a calendar year, with women-led features leading the charge. Moving narratives explored in Fitting In, My Old Ass, Stellar, The Boy in the Woods, My Animal, and Café Daughter embody Northern Ontario’s ability to amplify quality storytelling – a sought-after trait that continues to pay off.

Northern Ontario also excels with domestic television, evidenced by repeat years of the side-splitting comedies Letterkenny and Shoresy, seasons 2 & 3 of the medical drama SkyMed, and the Essex County mini-series, First Generation Film’s successful adaptation of Jeff Lemire’s quintessentially Canadian prose.

With unique funding opportunities, unmatched four-season settings, and a growing pool of regional talent, filming in Northern Ontario is an easy choice for producers looking to bring creative visions to life.

Financial Incentives

Your investments will go further in Northern Ontario through built-in financing advantages and funding opportunities.


Receive up to $2 million of support toward production costs incurred in Northern Ontario through the NOHFC's "Film and Television Stream". In less than a decade, this fund assisted 166 projects with total grants amounting over $118,000,000.


Combine federal tax credits (CPTC, PSTC) and provincial tax credits (OPSTC, OCASE, OFTTC, OIDMTC) with an additional regional bonus to offset production expenditures in Northern Ontario – secure refundable tax credits of up to 60% on qualifying expenditures in the North.


Gain up to $10,000 of support toward crew costs if your production hires emerging talent in Northern Ontario through the Media Arts Production: Practiced, Employed, Developed program.

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Film & TV Project Pitch Exchange

This three-stage Film & TV production support and development program provides you with insider knowledge of Northern Ontario’s filmmaking infrastructure and distinctive looks by connecting you directly with experienced stakeholders and potential partners.

Stage One: The Package

Download program documents here and submit your application to connect with someone who can answer your project-specific needs.

Stage Two: The Pitch

Join virtual location tours between your team and regional stakeholders who will let you in on lesser-known locations and support services across Northern Ontario.

Stage Three: The Discovery

Access program funds to support your boots-on-the-ground walkthrough of the Northern Ontario municipality of your choice, alongside CION and partners.

Applications for the Film & TV Project Pitch Exchange are open year-round. Send your Project Asset Package to CION’s Director of Industry Development and Production Services, Devin Mahesh, at to get the ball rolling.

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Coveted Locations

With vast industrial landscapes, a wide range of historical buildings, and acre upon acre of boreal forest, the North has the backdrop you've been looking for.

The region’s six major film & TV production centres each offer authentic four-season settings and excellent mobility. In Greater Sudbury, North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Parry Sound, Thunder Bay, and Timmins, you’ll enjoy the unique benefit of venturing from picturesque wilderness to urban locales in a matter of minutes.

Boasting both English and French language services available to your talent and crew, Northern Ontario’s municipalities offer an inclusive environment that is sure to make you feel right at home.

  • When Hope Calls (2019-) Shot in North Bay
  • The New Romantic (2018) Shot in Sudbury
  • The Protector (2022) Shot in Sault Ste. Marie
  • My Animal (2023) Shot in Timmins
  • Like a House on Fire (2021) Shot in North Bay
  • Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (2020) Shot in Sudbury

Talented Crew

From Northern Ontario’s rise as one of the fastest growing film and television production markets in North America comes an impressive roster of homegrown talent eager to support your projects. Regional crew numbers are perpetually fueled by acclaimed media production programs offered at colleges across the North, and complimentary training sessions facilitated by CION and its partners.

Crew Database

Your one-stop resource for finding and hiring skilled crew from Northern Ontario. Start assembling your team at any time.

  • #Couleurs du Nord (2022-) Shot in Timmins
  • Braided Together (2022) Shot in Thunder Bay
  • Hard Rock Medical (2013-2018) Shot in Sudbury
  • The Apostle Peter - Redemption (2016) Shot in North Bay
  • The Kid Detective (2020) Shot in North Bay
  • The New Romantic (2019) Shot in Sudbury

Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival

Recognized as a premiere film event in Canada, hosting 35,000 attendees annually, Cinéfest Sudbury celebrates and promotes diverse cultural exchange and open-mindedness, with a commitment of sharing the best international and domestic programming to a broad audience of film lovers, filmmakers, and industry delegates.

Your Production Belongs in Northern Ontario

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