Northern Ontario is one of Canada's most active film and television production jurisdictions because of its funding opportunities, unique landscape, and talented crew.

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Reasons to Bring Your Production to Northern Ontario

Our Production History

The Northern Ontario film industry is said to have had its conception in 2001 when Men With Brooms was shot in Sudbury. Since then, the region’s growing production infrastructure continues to attract projects — placing Northern Ontario as the principal backdrop for successful international projects such as: The Kid Detective, 2020’s cult classic in the making starring Adam Brody; Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, 2021’s successful video-game adaptation; and The Lake (2022-), Amazon Prime’s latest venture into the North.

Likewise, Northern Ontario’s film and television industry has hosted prosperous domestic productions like the sidesplitting comedies Letterkenny (2016-) and Shoresy (2022-), the psychological detective series Cardinal (2017-2020), and Indian Horse (2016), the critically acclaimed examination of Canada’s Residential School System. Through unique funding opportunities, unmatched four-season settings, and a growing pool of local talent, filming in Northern Ontario is an easy choice for producers looking to bring their projects to life.

Financial Incentives

Your investments will go further in Northern Ontario through built-in financing advantages and funding opportunities.


Receive up to $2 million of support toward production costs incurred in Northern Ontario through the NOHFC's "Film and Television Stream". In less than a decade, this fund assisted 166 projects with total grants amounting over $118,000,000.


Combine federal tax credits (CPTC, PSTC) and provincial tax credits (OPSTC, OCASE, OFTTC, OIDMTC) with an additional regional bonus to offset production expenditures in Northern Ontario – secure refundable tax credits of up to 60% on qualifying expenditures in the North.


Gain up to $10,000 of support toward crew costs if your production hires emerging talent in Northern Ontario through the Media Arts Production: Practiced, Employed, Developed program.

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Locations, Locations, Locations

With vast industrial landscapes, a wide range of historical buildings, and acre upon acre of boreal forest, the North has the backdrop you've been looking for.

Our distinct production centers in Greater Sudbury, North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Parry Sound, Thunder Bay and Timmins offer four-season-settings and unmatched mobility and accessibility. With both English and French language services available to your talent, and a wide roster of individuals from all walks of life, Northern Ontario offers a uniquely inclusive environment that is sure to make you feel right at home.

  • Letterkenny (2016-) Shot in Sudbury
  • North of Normal (2022) Shot in North Bay
  • Pyewacket (2017) Shot in Sault Ste. Marie
  • Standoff (2016) Shot in Sault Ste. Marie
  • The Protector (2022) Shot in Sault Ste. Marie
  • When Hope Calls (2019-) Shot in North Bay

Talented Crew

From Northern Ontario's rise as one of the fastest growing film and television production markets in North America comes an impressive roster of homegrown talent eager to support your production. Regional crew numbers are perpetually fueled by acclaimed media production programs offered at colleges across the North.

Crew Database

Our comprehensive Northern Ontario crew database makes it easy to find the local, skilled crew your production needs.

  • #Couleurs du Nord (2022-) Shot in Timmins
  • Braided Together (2022) Shot in Thunder Bay
  • Hard Rock Medical (2013-2018) Shot in Sudbury
  • The Apostle Peter - Redemption (2016) Shot in North Bay
  • The Kid Detective (2020) Shot in North Bay
  • The New Romantic (2019) Shot in Sudbury

Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival

Recognized as a premiere film event in Canada, hosting 35,000 attendees annually, Cinéfest Sudbury celebrates and promotes diverse cultural exchange and open-mindedness, with a commitment of sharing the best international and domestic programming to a broad audience of film lovers, filmmakers, and industry delegates.

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