Filming in Sudbury

What Sudbury Has to Offer

Sudbury is the hub of film production in Northern Ontario with state-of-the-art facilities, experienced crews and a large network for support/amenities. Home to the largest population in Northern Ontario, Greater Sudbury is also geographically immense. Locations span across urban downtowns, small town centres, industrial and underground mines as well as breathtaking vistas with over 300 lakes. 

The community has earned a reputation of being film-friendly with no-fee film permitting facilitated by a dedicated team at the Sudbury Film Office, having serviced over 150 productions since 2010. The city is well connected to Toronto by plane (45-minute flight) or car (under four-hour drive) and boasts friendly hospitality to welcome productions of all types and sizes. We look forward to welcoming you and your crew!



Sudbury's downtown includes heritage buildings and modern multi-level offices. Streets can be cheated to show almost any time period, with graffiti-covered alleys, clean sidewalks, or industrial landscapes. Unique destinations like Science North or the underground mine at Dynamic Earth offer something different, and lakes, forests and cliffs are all within a few minutes drive of virtually any downtown location. Residential homes from the turn of the century compliment neighbourhoods from the 60s, 70s and 80s, along with a some larger modern homes overlooking the boreal forest.


Sudbury experiences all four seasons, and there's never any lack of snow, which comes early and leaves late. Whether you need a snow-covered field close to your in-town locations, or want slushy urban streets, Sudbury delivers authentic Canadian winter, year after year. In town, there are several lakes, including ice skating ponds, and just outside of the city limits are snowmobile trails, quiet winter forests and frozen lakes in every direction. 

Information on Film Permits

The City of Sudbury has a dedicated web page for film permit applications.

Northern Ontario Film Studios

Sudbury has its own film studio, with a 16,000-square-foot single-span main stage floor, on- and off-site production offices, a hair and makeup room, a prop shop, a craft kitchen, and many more conveniences.


For more information about filming in Sudbury, contact Greater Sudbury's Film Office.

Contact CION at

Sudbury Advantages

Shooting in Sudbury means: 

  • Over 2000 film friendly hotel rooms.
  • Access to Northern Ontario-specific funding 
  • State-of-the-art facilities and equipment
  • Scenic locations, all within a few minutes of the downtown core
  • Access to Northern Ontario Film Studios, a fully equipped studio including office space
  • Passionate and professional crew and talent
  • Easy access from Toronto

Resident Evil
La switch
The Goalie
The New Romantic
Castle in the Ground

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