Resources for Northern Crew

Advance your career in Northern Ontario's film and television industry.

Northern Ontario represents one of Canada's most active film and television production jurisdictions, as evidenced by its reputable and growing workforce. CION is committed to helping the residents of our region develop their skills and advance their careers in the film and television industry.

If you haven't already, be sure to create your profile on CION's Crew Database. Film and TV producers regularly use our database when hiring crew for their productions, so keep your account up to date to stay on their radars!

CION's Hotlist, a listing of active and upcoming productions in Northern Ontario, is a great place to research production activity in our region. 

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The Film Sector in Northern Ontario

Captivating viewers from across the globe, Canada's film and television productions drive a 9 billion dollar industry and promote countless job opportunities for the creatively inclined, the skilled tradespeople, and the storytellers of our country.

Northern Ontario, in particular, has become a premier destination for productions looking for picturesque landscapes and rural realism. Join an impressive roster of Northern Ontarians that are leading the growth of our film and television industry, an industry that grows in our own backyards, and offers enriching career paths for individuals from all walks of life.