Crew Resources in the North

With dozens of productions coming to Northern Ontario each year, the opportunities for film crew members are on the rise. Skilled crew members experience are in great demand, but with CION's MAPPED funding, even junior crew members can get a chance to work on major film and TV projects.

Film and TV producers regularly check our crew database when staffing their productions, so be sure to keep your crew account up to date. In the next few months we'll be launching the all-new crew database—be sure to share your listing on your social network. 

If you're looking for work, the best place to start is CION's Hotlist, a listing of all productions working, or slated to work in Northern Ontario. You can also reach out to our Film Programs Supervisor using the form below.

CION is developing a series of online resources for crew members living and working in Northern Ontario which will also be published here in the next few months. 

Consider joining a local union; these also maintain membership lists for producers, and offer skill development programs. Northern Ontario is well represented by number of the leading Canadian film and television unions and guilds.

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