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Get your start in Northern Ontario's film and television industry.

CION's programs eliminate the barriers that keep individuals from realizing their passions and exploring the film and television industry career opportunities that they may not know are waiting for them. If you are interested in playing a key behind-the-scenes supporting role as a crew member for Northern Ontario productions, CION is here to guide you on the right path.

Check out CION's Crew Database to create an account and let film and television producers know that you are looking for work in Northern Ontario.

Our team supports the careers of Northern Ontarians that are interested in getting involved in the film and television industry. Whether you are a recent graduate from a film and media production program, or want to test the waters on a new career path, book a consultation below and learn about the tools that are at your disposal.

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The Film Sector in Northern Ontario

Captivating viewers from across the globe, Canada's film and television productions drive a 9 billion dollar industry and promote countless job opportunities for the creatively inclined, the skilled tradespeople, and the storytellers of our country.

Northern Ontario, in particular, has become a premier destination for productions looking for picturesque landscapes and rural realism. Join an impressive roster of Northern Ontarians that are leading the growth of our film and television industry, an industry that grows in our own backyards, and offers enriching career paths for individuals from all walks of life. 

Shoresy (2022)
Door Mouse (2021)
Cosmic Dawn (2020)
Call Me Mother (2021-)
Kicking Blood (2021)
Witches in the Woods (2019)
The Desperate Hour (2020)
A Christmas Letter (2021)
The Incredible 25th Year of Mitzi Bearclaw (2019)
Getting to Know You (2020)
A Tail of Love (2021)
Trickster (2020)
Girl (2019)
Castle in the Ground (2019)
Letterkenny (2016-)
Hero Dog - A Journey Home (2020)
Rising Suns (2020-)
The Silencing (2019)
Cardinal (2017-2020)
Secrets in a Small Town (2019)
Recent Productions Shot In Northern Ontario