CION is Hiring - Workforce Development Officer

CION is hiring a skilled crew professional to help develop Northern Ontario's film and television industry crew workforce

Workforce Development Officer

Job Title: Workforce Strategy and Development Officer

Reports to: Associate Executive Director, Associate Managing Director, Film Sector Development Officer

Salary: $52,000 - $60,000 annual



The Workforce Development Officer will work with Cultural Industries Ontario North (CION) staff and management to position Northern Ontario as a production-friendly region for filmmakers, film and television production companies, independent film producers, TV networks, commercial producers and other media arts creators, through the continued development of Northern Ontario’s regional crew workforce and support resources.

The Workforce Development Officer will guide a strategy to develop educational programs, training sessions, projects and events which promote the growth of the Northern Ontario crew workforce, including workforce development sessions, professional development sessions in collaboration with regional film industry stakeholders, and educational institutions.


  • Assess the gaps, needs and current trends of the Northern Ontario’s crew workforce. Develop and oversee CION’s workforce development and professional development activities (ie. opportunities relating to new infrastructure, educational training series, Cinema Summit workforce development sessions, NOMFA workforce development sessions, screenwriter development program);
  • Assess short-, medium- and long-term impacts on Northern Ontario’s regional crew workforce (ie. number of jobs, departmental deficiencies, production coverage), including the impact of CION programming (ie. jobs created, increase in crew activity)
  • Plan, track, and reconcile project budgets for workforce development activities, ensuring planned budgets meet both CION’s key success objectives and needs identified through industry analysis;
  • Consult with emerging and established regional crew, educational institutions, job placement agencies, and other regional stakeholders regarding workforce and career development opportunities, including the promotion of CION infrastructure and resources including the Crew Database.
  • Act as the FEDNOR supported MAPPED Crew Training, Program Coordinator, reporting on MAPPED metrics and collecting documentation from production companies, promotion of the MAPPED program to producers and other industry stakeholders;
  • Provide context and measures of success from facilitated events and programming;
  • Oversee and maintain privacy/security for CION’s digital Crew Database, including recruitment drive, profile maintenance, customer service, technical support, troubleshooting and analysis of data (participation by region, department, position, etc).
  • Set goals and measures of success for CION’s existing film programs and resources as they pertain to workforce development and professional development (ie. MAPPED, the Crew Database, CION website film resources) and develop new resources Oversee internal projects contributing to the development of infrastructure for the regional crew workforce.
  • Create and compile departmental assets for productions filming in Northern Ontario (ie. MAPPED training plans for hired crew, departmental task lists, credential certification requirements, etc.)
  • Assist CION’s Film Sector Development Officer in facilitating conversations with regional and external film and television production vendors to ensure continued growth and business attraction for Northern Ontario’s production industries.
  • Coordinate facilitation and logistics of CION’s workforce and professional development events (ie. NOMFA, Cinema Summit, panels, workshops, etc.)


The Workforce Strategy and Development Officer will be responsible, in conjunction with CION Management, for overseeing and reporting on budgets related to those programs that fall under their areas of responsibility.


The Workforce Development Officer will be required to interact with CION’s film sector client base, including film crew, film vendors, and other industry stakeholders, to respond to external inquiries.


There are no day-to-day physical demands associated with the Workforce Development Officer position.  From time to time there will be setup related to various activities that CION is involved in that will require the Workforce Development Officer’s attention.


In general, CION operates on a 35-hour work week, 9 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday (with an hour for lunch).  Due to the dictates of CION’s activities, the Workforce Development Officer can expect to occasionally work unusual hours, mainly evenings and weekends.


The Workforce Development Officer is required to demonstrate the following abilities/knowledge base:

  • A knowledge of, and interest in the film and television production industries, locally, provincially and nationally; particularly knowledge of and interest in the Northern Ontario regional crew workforce;
  • A high level of administrative experience; including creating project budgets, management and implementation;
  • Direct experience working within in the local, regional, provincial and/or national film and television production industry; including but not limited to working with producers, film vendors, film crew, unions, workforce development agencies, and funding bodies including the NOHFC;
  • Strong program creation and administration background;
  • Experience with event/conference planning and facilitation;
  • The ability to maintain an organized and efficient work environment;
  • Outstanding organization and time management skills;
  • The ability to multi-task effectively;
  • Strong computer skills in Microsoft Office and database management;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills;
  • A high level of initiative and attention to detail;
  • A valid G Class License.

Interested applicants can send a resume and cover letter to Applications will be accepted until Friday, November 11th at 5 PM.