SOUND + VISION Virtual Sync. Conference


Sound + Vision Virtual Sync. Conference

The Guild of Music Supervisors Canada is proud to announce the inaugural Sound + Vision Virtual Sync. conference, taking place November 16th-20th, 2020!

They invite songwriters, artists, sync agents, filmmakers, producers, directors, ad execs and anyone working in the 'sound + vision' space, from around the world, to join us for these free virtual seminars.

The daily panels and workshops will break down everything you wanted to learn about sync in multiple media platforms.  They are suggesting donations from participants go towards one of these two Canadian charities:

Black mental health and/or Black youth helpline.

(recommended donations: approx. $2.00 - $5.00 per panel/workshop.)

Website / registration details can be found here:

Some highlights:

Charles Officer (filmmaker) - Keynote Interview

Amanda Jones (composer) - Keynote Interview

 "The Kid Detective" (Sony Pictures film) - creative discussion with exec producer/lead actor Adam Brody (the o.c.), alongside director, composer, picture editor and music supervisor.

Creative breakdown of Doordash ad with agency, artist Haviah Mighty and music supervisor

"Tiny Pretty Things" (Netflix tv series)  - creative breakdown with showrunners, composer and music supervisor

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