Reel Canada Presents: Reel Opportunities

Reel Opportunities - Program Overview:

REEL Opportunities is an initiative that launched at the end of September and will run through March 2021.

Funded by ESDC’s Youth Employment & Skills Strategy, the REEL Opportunities programme will expose high school students across the country to the Canadian film industry as a viable career option.  Between now and the end of March, Reel Canada will deliver some 150 workshops to 4000 youth, demonstrating the wide range of jobs that are available behind the camera.

The project arises out of several realities facing the film industry currently.  Firstly, if production continues to swell at the rate we have been seeing these past several years, there will be a serious workforce shortage across the industry.  Secondly, there is a growing awareness within the industry of an urgent need to diversify its ranks.  Finally, the pandemic has put so much production on hold that many working members are currently idle.

The goals are twofold:  Show young people of all backgrounds the film industry opportunities and be encouraged to explore any path they find interesting.  Reel Canada also wants to engage some of those idle film industry workers to join them for the workshops as special guests and share their experience and expertise with the students.  Aside from the number of youth being served in these workshops, the other major deliverable is the creation of about 60 jobs, some full time, some shorter term contracts, to help some people get through this enforced COVID hiatus.  To the extent they are able to find workshop guests and facilitators among the BIPOC community, they will be providing role models for youth of diverse heritage who traditionally have not found their way into the industry.

All workshops will be delivered remotely.