CION Launches a New Website

The Most Complete Online Resource for Film and Music Makers in Northern Ontario

CION is revamping its online presence, starting with a brand new website.

The site provides more resources to help film producers, crew members, creatives, musicians, and culture fans in and around Northern Ontario.

Northern Ontario has been experiencing a creative renaissance in recent years, with more and more cultural output. In less than 10 years, the region has grown to become Canada's fourth-largest production centre for film and TV. CION is here to facilitate even more growth, and to show the rest of Canada, and the world, what the North has to offer.

CION has been the digital hub for film, TV and music production in Northern Ontario since 2012. Now, our online presence is being brought up to date—to make it even easier for film producers, crew members, creatives, musicians, and fans of film and music, to make the connections they need.

Our new site will:

  • Help local filmmakers and creatives build their next projects

  • Show out-of-town producers the advantages of shooting in Northern Ontario, helping them find resources for crew, suppliers, vendors, locations and contacts at the cities and towns of the North.

  • Help crew members find work

  • Make connections between municipalities

  • Help musicians build their careers

  • Direct fans to films and musicians 

  • Offer opportunities for direct consultation with CION for film and music producers

  • Capture the excitement of all the culture coming out of the North.

The coming months will see even more updates:

  • CION's existing crew and music databases will be integrated into the new site
  • An all-new Production Assistant tool will be launched, using the latest in machine learning to provide better, more targeted assistance to productions filming in Northern Ontario.

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