Wild Wylez Productions

Dance, Electronic, New Age, Pop, Score, World

Songwriter/Composer Sudbury https://wildwylez.wixsite.com/wildwylez
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  • Released on May 6, 2023.. Echo has been a cool journey in music for me and I'm super stoked on the sounds and vibes in my newest album! If you like dance music you can enjoy the music video I've made for Echo at the link below! Cheers! Ian


  • Made some new beats recently! As I learn more about sound and how audiooo goes oooo you might like to dance along to some of these! I'm not a singer but I do like adding vocals to songs so if you're a singer that would like to add to some of my beats let me knowwww!



Hello, my names Ian Wylie, I love to create and have been doing it since I was a young lad. From making beats, writing full songs and creating music videos, I do what I can with my limited budget and equipment. Home made entertainment for your senses to take in. :) I can't sing or play guitar very well so I would consider myself more of an awkward artist producer type lol Drums are my main jam and have been in a few bands over the years - Wild Wylez Productions is run out of my house in Sudbury. :) I'm always looking to collab with musicians on projects and since I'm not a singer if you can do that hit me up to sing on some beats, I got a few! lol Cheeeers My Newest album Echo, was released on May 6, 2023. You can hear it on my bandcamp page! https://wildwylez.bandcamp.com/album/echo My Book of Poems is Available @ https://www.amazon.com/dp/1521274436 Thanks!


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