Vito Tassone

Easy Listening, Folk, Pop, Rock, Singer / Songwriter

Songwriter/Composer Sault Ste. Marie
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  • 'It's Time' is my first new Single and Official Music Video release. A reflective song and prayer that I recite to reinforce my new purpose, plan and commitment to God. I hope it will also be a beacon of light for others to do the same. Because "It's Time"!



I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic by day, a “Closet Rocker Wanna Be" by night. True to the words of an original song, "I'm working on a plan to to finally break free, hoping that someday someone discovers me", I have a serious aspiration of establishing a professional songwriting career. Over the past decade, my major musical exposure has been as a member of a local classic rock cover band, playing keyboards and adding background vocals. As a self described songwriter-singer, my main musical influences are in rock, pop and Christian, especially slow ballads. With over 30 years and 75+ original songs, poems, instrumentals and jingles, only a select few have been performed at special occasions and are online. Most have been completed using personal vocals as "demos" with the intent of having them recorded in the future by professional vocalists. I’m proud say that I plan to soon release my first official world wide single. I would classify it as a prayer that was gifted to me with Divine timing and pupsose. I believe a message of encouragement everyone should hear. By day, I’m a Dr. By night, a "Closet Rocker Wanna Be"; working on a plan to be discovered as a legit songwriter. I'm in a classic rock cover band on keyboards & vocals, a songwriter-singer with influences in rock, pop & Christian, I love slow ballads, I have over 30 yrs & 75+ original songs with only a few having been performed at special occasions or are online...UNTIL NOW..."It's Time!"