Tia McGraff

Singer / Songwriter

Band/Group Port Rowan https://www.tiamcgraff.com
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"Best new song I've heard this year - I mean, at all. Like, period. [“Baby’s Got A Banjo” ] just "fits" with what's happening in country right now. Perfect timing for this sound." — Craig Fox at Country 107.3 Tia McGraff is an internationally renowned and award winning Americana/Country songstress from Port Dover, ON, Canada. With Scottish/Transylvanian roots running through her songwriting and voice, Tia’s talent has been described as “haunting and soul-gripping.” 6 international cd releases, 4 videos on CMT Canada, various film/tv placements, and numerous nominations and awards (including Americana CD of the year first ballot nomination for 2016 Grammy Awards), have earned Tia a respect in the music industry and a global fan base that continues to stretch beyond demographics. Tia’s latest cd release, Crazy Beautiful, was released in spring 2015, and immediately impressed Americana and Country radio programmers in the USA/Canada/ Europe, resulting in significant chart action. Produced by Colorado native, Tommy Parham, Crazy Beautiful is being described as “Tia’s break- through album.” Tommy moved to Nashville, TN in 1998, with a staff songwriter deal in hand, and soon became one of music row’s sought after hit melody makers. His catalog credits include cuts with major label artists, including Lee Greenwood (Rocks You Can’t Move), and film placements in movies starring Ashley Judd, etc. After moving to Music City, USA in 1999, Tia was introduced to Tommy by his music publisher. They began songwriting together, broke their rule of “never date a co-writer,” and on June 4, 2006 the couple were married in Savannah, Georgia. In Tia and Tommy fashion, they celebrated their wedding by performing a concert for their fans! Their love and passion for each other- their music -their fans, continue to grow, win hearts, and make them one of Americana Music’s favorite sweethearts. CREDIBLE QUOTES A lot is talked about “real” music as if it was beer but this was natural ingredients only, brewed to the highest standard of purity. The venue was small, the stage barely a platform so not much need for amplification. The sound was excellent so all could enjoy Tia’s immensely expressive voice. While that’s what we’d come to hear, what Bob Harris described on his show recently as Tia’s contact with her audience very soon emerged. Throughout the two sets it was impossible to let the attention wander. Tia’s only accompaniment was Tommy’s support vocals and playing. BY LYNDON BOLTON : NO DEPRESSION MAGAZINE UK JUNE 8, 2016 Tia McGraff and Tommy Parham recently performed for our Freewheelin' Concerts series, for the second time. Tia has a magnificent voice. Her songs are perceptive and heart warming. Tommy plays such tasteful guitar. But when I tell people how great they are, words fail. There is something intangible that cannot be described. There is an innocence and sincerity between them that makes an emotional connection with the audience. I saw grown men laughing one minute then wiping tears away the next. Over the last nine years I've booked some of the very best Canadian singer songwriters and nobody has received as many "best show I've ever seen" compliments as Tia McGraff. If she's playing in your town, you better go see her. Or, if you're a promoter, book her now! Her new CD "Crazy Beautiful" is truly wonderful. Brian Cumming Freewheelin' Concerts Dundas, Ontario “ The word is spreading regarding her untamed talent - Tia McGraff's new Crazy Beautiful collection is superb featuring stellar vocals, honest emotion and exceptional songs.“ Paul Kennedy Seaside fm Halifax, Nova Scotia Randy Bachman and Andrew Gold have written songs with Tia McGraff and it's not hard to see why they've collaborated with this native of Port Dover, Ontario: her tunes bring an engaging edge to alternative country. Country fare of a more pop-oriented persuasion may draw more fans than the Americana favoured by McGraff and her peers, but those whose tastes lean more toward authenticity will find much to like in her music. Mark Rheaume CBC Radio I will forever remember the first time I heard Tia and Tommy play. I was running the smaller of our two festival stages, and they were the first, so wasn't much of a crowd to start. As she began to sing, with the power, purity, and conviction that she always brings to a song, people headed for the other stages began to change course. Tia and Tommy have become dear friends, but she owned me, and everyone else at that stage, as a fan from that moment forward. Russ Tidwell Tumbleweed Festival, KS


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