Shaky Stars

Punk, Singer / Songwriter, Rock, Alternative

Band/Group SUDBURY


Shaky Stars individually, are established, veteran musicians in the Sudbury area. With their debut release ,they are essentially starting from scratch as Shaky Stars. Individual accomplishments of the band members vary far and wide, shows, too numerous to mention. In quick brush strokes, Nick and Joe are the sought after rhythm section in Sudbury. Nick has graced the stage on many a tribute night alongside Joe and some of Sudbury’s best. Joe is the “go to” drummer for various musicians in town including John Newlands and Don Kunto. Dan Leveqcue is the rippin’ guitarist who can play anything, recording with and sharing the stage with top Ontario musicians including Nathan Lawr and the Minotaurs and Kate Maki He is currently part of the Northern Memphis Revival regular lineup. Marc is a multi-instrumentalist; composer; sound designer. Remaining in the shadows for the last 15 years or so, he has penned scores and recorded for 7 short films which have gone on to major festivals He put down the guitar for a number of years and played banjo and Mandolin with The Saltcoats; Sean Barrette and the The Blazing Elwoods. He has a release on Going Gaga Records with The Joliettes. You’ll see all of these guys at the various tribute nights at the Townehouse because they love to play the music which has inspired them. This mixture of experiences since they played together 20 years ago is now boiled down to straight up rock n’ roll, written together and played together.