Alternative, Easy Listening, Hip Hop / Rap, Pop, R&B / Soul, Singer / Songwriter

Songwriter/Composer Sudbury
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  • Check out New releases by Nyama Nyama Sound, "ILLAH V" and "G.F.P. 2"- Out now all streaming platforms.

  • Hey everyone, I just released a new track titled "COLLECT" by PA.II a few days ago. It's out on all streaming platforms! Feel free to check it out.



Pa.II is a Nigerian born vocalist, songwriter, producer and audio engineer currently residing in Sudbury, Ontario. His experience blending sounds from many genres (R&B, Folk/Country, Dancehall, Pop, Hip-hop and primarily Afrobeats) make for a versatile artist. Pa.II started out at The Remix Project, where he amassed knowledge of his craft and since produced records raved about both in the north and south. He has worked with artists such as Dolothegifted, DJ Damiger, Lady Donli, B.O.S, Aj Styles, B.A.Y.O and many others. He has also performed at many shows in Northern Ontario including NFLB (Northern Lights Festival Boreal), Afrofest, Up Here Festival and River & Sky. His new project ILLAH U, is out November 2023 and has already enjoyed play on CBC'S Listen.


  • Wallet- Live Performance
  • Collect- Live In-Studio Performance
  • Bad Boy Outside -Official Music Video