Oli Palkovits

Folk, Singer / Songwriter, Alternative

Songwriter/Composer SUDBURY
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Music that sounds like the feeling of being Alive. Looking over the edge of a cliff. A long sunset from a car window. A cold sunrise on the mountain where a sensation uniquely definable as "love" other permeates the expanding valleys and peaks. Burying your dog behind the family cottage. Diving as deep as you possibly can in the middle of a river. Jumping from that cliff, into that river. Remembering all of it at once and letting it all be forgotten for a few hours of numb drunkenness. Bliss. Depression. Emptiness. Saturation. Knowing when you've disappeared. Knowing when your presence fills. Distinguishing being Alone from being Lonely. Wanting to be alone; wanting to be lonely. Wanting to die. Escaping that thought. Living again. Extraordinary people living ordinary lives. Ordinary experiences producing extraordinary sensations. Whether we see it or not we're all living equally isolated lives, yet at the same time they all affect one another. Though there's a lot we'll never grasp about that phenomenon, we can at least experience life and its many sensations and do the best we can to like it. In the end, at least we have each other. My personal bio is kind of boring. "I go to school; I walk outside and I look around; I try to remember the interesting things I see and hear; I try to turn that into sound." I'm just another dirty, confused human.