Murder Murder

Folk, Country

Band/Group Sudbury
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Northern Ontario’s Murder Murder are a full string band with suitcase percussion who create a unique blend of bluegrass and outlaw country. Their virtuosic musicianship and evocative songwriting are backed by a wealth of original and traditional murder ballads. Murder Murder has been touring and making records for three and a half years. They specialize in the folk tradition of murder ballads (hence the name) and have composed several dozen additions to the genre. Canadian culture and a fascination with their Northern surroundings are pervasive influences on their art, and they set all of their narratives in Canada, primarily in Northern Ontario. Functioning exclusively within the boundaries of the murder ballad tradition, the band makes a concerted effort to subvert the genre's cliched narrative tropes and approach songwriting from the perspective of the modern social landscape. Rather than only imagining tales of slighted, male lovers exacting violent revenge on their female counterparts, the band explores more complex, modern scenarios that allow for more relevant, contemporary cathartic experiences. Currently, the band has two full-length albums and a third slated for an April/May 2017 release. The band logs a lot of kilometres - in the past year they have driven to showcase in Kansas City MO, toured Ontario, Quebec and the Canadian Maritimes twice, driven 5000km on the wrong side of the road across Ireland and the UK, and played a variety of music festivals including Fire in the Mountain (Wales, UK), Mariposa Folk Festival, The Fred Eaglesmith Picnic, Northern Lights Festival Boreal (opening for Bahamas). The band is also booked for a month long tour of mainland Europe in January 2017 (across 9 different countries) culminating in a trip to London for the Americana Music Assocation UK Conference & Awards, where Murder Murder is 1 of only 18 international acts selected to showcase.


  • Cadillac
  • Movin On
  • Bridge County '41 (Live)