Josh Turnbull

Singer / Songwriter

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For most of his musical career Josh Turnbull has played “hired gun” to artists such as Faye Blais and Andrea Ramolo, and has recorded and produced some of these artists as well. He has been part of many groups including Young Mother and Saltcoats. Stylistically, his experience ranges from Canadian folk to German art rock. In years of shadows Josh has been writing songs and performing them for a select few, occasionally stepping out from behind the drums and taking front and centre. His music blends folk, jazz, blues, rock, gospel, and everything else he’s picked up along the way, which at times includes ALL the instruments! His last endeavour 'FieldTest' is an album with musical partner Sara Ciantar, a project that allowed both singer/songwriters to come forward and be supported by one another. From this album, Josh's song 'You Won't Drown' was nominated for a NOMFA in the category of 'Best Vocal Performance in a Recording'. Josh brings forth his creations clouded only by his own crafted illusions and dreams. He changes mood and makes you feel, well, what he wants you to feel.


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