Joey Karma

Hip Hop / Rap

Solo Artist Chelmsford
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Name : Steven Joseph King Artist Name : Joey Karma D.O.B : 05-28-1987 I am 29 year old bi-lingual father of 4, with a loving supportive partner/wife of the 4. I am born in Sudbury, Ontario. Raised in Valley East where I grew up playing hockey, writing music and being creative. Graduated Cambrian from Indie Music Prod where my major was Vocal and my minor was Choir. I've been writing/recording & performing music since 2006. I've produced/recorded/mixed & mastered for over 48 local hip hop/rap/pop artists at this point. Back in 2009,2010,2011,2012,2013. I was fortunate enough to share the stage with/do gigs with Yas and Bobby of Dead Celebrity Status, Serani, D-Sisive, Classified, JRDN, Angerville, Choclair, Lindo P, Kurupt, Snowgoonz & more. I took a few years off heavy performance to re route my career goals, I've been working on my debut album set to go on Tunecore/I-Tunes,, etc. I am featuring over 17 different local artists/musicians from producers/ guitarists / pianists/ artists & more. I will also have 2 major features on this album which I cannot disclose yet. I look forward in showcasing my talent and professionally putting on a clean all age performance/set. I have a large catalogue & feel like I can definitely adapt to fit whatever energy level is set in place. I don't want to oversell myself but I also do Videography for various Indie Canadian Artists through a company I own called Ndot Television, and would love to offer my services to your line of events as well. I just filmed for Science North : Life On The Rocks *Tinkering & Drinkering* Event, and realized I really love to do product promotion work as well. With all this being said, I hope you take me into consideration for this 2017 NOMFA Music Showcase. Thank You


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