Duncan Cameron

Folk, Country, Singer / Songwriter

Songwriter/Composer Sudbury
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Duncan Cameron, based in Sudbury, Ontario, creates fresh and detailed music. His compositions and interpretations of songs in both French and English reveal the depth and contrast of emotions in lyrics as well as instrumental music. Duncan’s immersion in a musical family inspired him to sing and play many instruments, namely fiddle, guitar, mandolin, banjo, Irish bouzouki, tin whistle, harmonica, and bodhrán. He recorded his first solo album, The Whistling Thief in 2000. Duncan went on to join many groups including The Pierre Schryer Band (Juno nominated in 2004) and Fig For a Kiss (nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in 2006). While he was living in Newfoundland for four years, he joined The Irish Descendants and performed with them at the Winter Olympics in 2010. He toured with these groups and Irish dance companies across Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Ireland, and many other countries. • "'Multi-instrumentalist' doesn’t even come close to describing this young man’s abilities. […] His dream has been to become a one-man Bard!! I’d say he has succeeded wonderfully. […] He has a very gentle persona with a good sense of humour, immediately bringing the audience in." — Bob Cunningham, Feb 16, 2014, The Beat Magazine Online For more information please visit duncancameron.com or facebook.com/duncancameronmusic For music samples: duncancameron.bandcamp.com For video: YouTube playlist of songs performed by Duncan Cameron or vimeo.com/duncanrosscameron