Indie Pop, Rock

Band/Group North Bay
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DINO (formerly David Dino White), is progressive indie rock musician based in North Bay, Ontario. His debut album, 'Alone Together' was released in 2015 to a devoted audience who crowd funded a limited edition 12" vinyl of the record. In 2016 DINO returned with his second studio effort, 'Hair of the Dog' (co-funded by FACTOR). A 6-song EP that serves as a testament to his bands unwavering commitment to their instruments by showcasing performances as clean and polished as they are honest and revealing. Nearly 6 years later, DINO exploded back onto the scene with a single titled ‘Hell Of A Life’, the first of 11 songs to appear from his forthcoming album, ‘Staycation’ (Spring, 2022). With help from lifelong friends and bandmates, Ben Leggett and Andrew Sowka, DINO recorded and self-funded ‘Staycation’ over the past two years, in various bedrooms, basements and abandoned schools located throughout northern Ontario. The second single, ‘Onterrible’ was released in April and featured a music video made entirely of fan submitted footage of Ontario and the third, ‘Heatwave’, appeared out of nowhere last July in the midst it’s own namesake. The fourth single from ‘Staycation’, ‘Search Party’, is set to release on November 12th, 2021 and will be supported by yet another music video. All of DINO's music can be found on most streaming services and merchandise or physical copies can be found at www.daviddinowhite.bandcamp.com


  • Hell Of A Life
  • Onterrible
  • Hold Me
  • The Hair