Alternative, Hip Hop / Rap, Rock, Singer / Songwriter

Songwriter/Composer Sudbury
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Northern Ontario based recording artist dadbOdd emerged in 2019 with a compelling blend of Alternative Glitch Rock and Experimental Trip Hop reminiscent of bands like Puscifer, Gorillaz, Brand New, Sir Sly and Rainbow Kitten Surprise to name a few. A mix between singer/songwriter and character actor, dadbOdd blends saturated samples, layered synths and analog instruments with word play and melodies in order to create unique sonic atmospheres as backdrops for character driven narratives. dadbOdd writes songs from the perspective of characters and explores their stories in a YouTube Music Video Series he calls a “Sonic Short Story”. This “Graphic Novel with Music Videos” is presently in its third season and a new Music Video/Episode drops every 2 months. The series follows the character “Malik Miron” (Eric’s alter ego). Malik is a screw up trying to navigate life after losing his wife and family to an alcohol and cocaine addiction. In season 3, he is grappling with sobriety as he attempts to make amends with his estranged brother Singer/Rapper “The Fat Jean Snow”. When performing live, dadbOdd takes a more stripped back approach re-interpreting his songs using acoustic guitars and a cajon with his band “the everyman”. To learn more about dadbOdd, his characters and his “Sonic Short Story”as well as become part of the community, feel free to explore his website and follow him on social media. @dadbOddthestoryteller


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  • Borderline
  • Bottom
  • Thicc
  • Chapter 14: Dylan Taylor on the toilet
  • Chapter 9: Scrap
  • Chapter 15: Sum'en Broken
  • Chapter 8: Pessimist