Sudbury creates world-class entertainment.

It is time for a world-class studio.

Freshwater Production Studios (FPS) will be a purpose-built film and television production studio in Greater Sudbury, Ontario. FPS will help meet the demand for film and television production studio space in Ontario, across Canada, and around the world.


Freshwater Production Studios — We’re Building Something Incredible

FPS will be a purpose-built film and television studio to be constructed on a 24-acre lot in Greater Sudbury, Ontario. In Phase 1, the 116,000 sq. ft. facility will feature three clear span soundstages (20,000 sq. ft., 20,000 sq. ft. and 18,000 sq. ft.) with 35’ ceilings. There will be 23,000 sq. ft of production and soundstage offices in addition to wardrobe, mill, paint and other ancillary spaces.

The property is ideally located close to the Sudbury Airport, off Highway 17 and is conveniently located in close proximity to the downtown core of Greater Sudbury and highways to Toronto. The facility offers ideal separation from community traffic, and quick access to Greater Sudbury’s retail and accommodations hub, restaurants, construction supplies, and storage. The environmental assessment has been completed on the property and appropriate zoning is in place.

Why FPS?

An unprecedented demand for content has been accompanied by an equally unprecedented demand for production space. In Ontario, studios have been operating at full capacity since 2016 and hundreds of millions of production dollars have been turned away. Most of the studios in Ontario are in buildings that have been converted from warehouses and other large buildings into stages and studio facilities. While these studios alleviate the demand for space, they bring a host of logistical challenges.

Typically, these retrofitted facilities are not sound-proofed, have limited parking for cars and trucks, are often located in proximity to industrial traffic or railway areas with associated noise and vibration and have insufficient electrical supply or broadband capabilities (as well as numerous other production challenges). By contrast, FPS has been designed to specifically meet film and television production needs. Furthermore, FPS will be located on a sufficiently large parcel of land to expand as demand increases.

Since 2012, Northern Ontario’s film and television production industry has experienced significant expansion. Between 2012 and 2016 the industry generated over $194 million in GDP and 3,011 full time equivalent jobs for the municipalities of Greater Sudbury and North Bay. Individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds have been drawn to the industry’s employment opportunities and competitive salaries.

FPS will attract studio-housed productions that will shoot year-round, providing full-time employment for the existing workforce and newcomers alike. Local film industry businesses will not only maintain existing production activity but will benefit from new opportunities as demand rises. Film and television production also creates spin-off jobs. Restaurants will be busier, car and truck rentals will increase and hotel rooms will be filled. Post-production services, equipment rentals and catering companies will establish and grow operations to support the expanding industry. Furthermore, the studio will be a training venue where apprentices will quickly become sought-after crew members.

It’s Already Here in Northern Ontario

Northern Ontario is one of the fastest-growing film and television production markets in North America, as producers take advantage of the region’s unique back-drops, film friendly communities, experienced crew and generous financial incentives.

Acclaimed productions including Hulu/Crave TV comedy Letterkenny, Netflix’s Bad Blood and the upcoming Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City have all been shot in Northern Ontario.

Between 2013 and 2019, the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) has funded 166 projects with total grants of $118 million. NOHFC funding augments the generous tax credit incentives provided by Canada and Ontario. Northern Ontario has a well-established industry workforce. Currently there are over 950 crew profiles registered with the CION Crew Database. In addition to having access to this regional crew inventory, the region hosts a variety of studio space, along with film equipment rental, car and truck rental, catering, casting and post-production services.

It’s the Season for Sudbury

Greater Sudbury is a large resource-rich municipality often described as the cultural and economic center of Northern Ontario. With a diverse workforce, the community and its regional neighbours are primed for steady economic growth. Sudbury’s future is built on solid ground – literally and figuratively.

Greater Sudbury is Northern Ontario’s most active production centre. Between 2013 and 2019, there have been 111 film and television projects shot with a total production spend of $312 million.

As Northern Ontario’s centrally located film and television production hub, producers can easily access a vast array of spectacular locations in and around Northeastern Ontario municipalities. Greater Sudbury is also connected to Toronto along the Highway 400 corridor, providing it with access to vendors and service providers.

Greater Sudbury is the largest city by land area in Ontario and the largest Northern Ontario city by population. The population of Greater Sudbury resides mainly in an urban core with many smaller communities scattered around 330 lakes. Located inland, Greater Sudbury’s climate is very seasonal, offering productions year-round filming opportunities.

The Greater Sudbury Production Industry

  • Letterkenny 2016 —
  • Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City 2021
  • The Silencing 2020
  • The Captive 2014
  • The New Romantic 2018
  • Born to Be Blue 2015
  • V-Wars 2019
  • Letterkenny 2016 —
  • Cas & Dylan 2013
  • Amélie et Compagnie 2017

Growth in the North