Music and Film in Motion (MFM), a division of the not-for-profit organization Cultural Industries Ontario North (CION), is dedicated to fostering and promoting the music and film industries in Northern Ontario, as well as providing educational programming to cultivate the advancement of Northern Ontario’s emerging talent. MFM works within the boundaries of Northern Ontario, which includes a population of approximately 780,000 people.

MFM strives to connect music and film artists and practitioners with opportunities and resources to advance their projects and their careers.  MFM’s ongoing advocacy for Northern Ontario music and film production output is carried out with the primary objective of contributing to the further development of Northern Ontario’s thriving cultural industries.


Cultural Industries Ontario North 
Music and Film in Motion

40 Larch Street, Unit 103 
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
P3E 5M7

705.885.9889  Phone 
705.688.1351  Fax


General Information:

Film Programs & Reporting Supervisor: 
Rob Riselli

Music Outreach Officer: 
Jen McKerral  

Marketing & Program Administrator: 
Jesse Brady

Logistics & Resources Officer: 
Shawn McLaren

40 Larch Street, Suite 103, Sudbury, ON, P3E 5M7 | 705-885-9889 | info@cionorth.ca