COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines for Northern Ontario

Ontario Reopening Roadmap

As of Friday, June 11th, Ontario will move into Step 1 of its Reopening Roadmap. The regulatory requirements for Step 1 are now published here.

There is one notable change to the existing film and television regulations as we enter Step 1. In this first step, the requirement for singers and players of brass or wind instruments to be separated from any other performers by plexiglass or some other impermeable barrier, is revoked. All other requirements remain the same, including the limitation of 50 performers on set. The performer limitation is anticipated to expire when the province moves into Step 2 of the Reopening Roadmap.

When reading the regulations, please note that that the document linked above contains the requirements for both Shutdown status and Step 1. As of Friday, please refer to Schedule 7 – Business That May Open at Step 1, Section 60 (re: Commercial Film and Television Production.

Ontario Releases COVID-19 Response Framework

On November 3, the Government of Ontario revealed the COVID-19 Levels by Region

The new framework, outlined by Ontario Premier Doug Ford and public health officials, is based on five categories that all correspond to a colour:

  • Prevent (Green): Restrictions in this category “reflect broadest allowance of activities in Stage 3 absent a widely available vaccine or treatment.”
  • Protect (Yellow): “Enhanced targeted enforcement, fines, and enhanced education to limit further transmission” of COVID-19.”
  • Restrict (Orange): “implement enhanced measures, restrictions, and enforcement avoiding any closures.”
  • Control (Red): “Restrictions are the most severe available before wide-scale business or organizational closure.” This category represents a return to a modified Stage 2.
  • Lockdown (Grey): This would likely coincide with a declaration of emergency in the province and would include a return to Stage 1.

In response to the new framework, Workplace Safety and Prevention Services has launched a webinar to help employers on Keeping Ontario Safe and Open – Building Your Safety Plan.

To see your local health units latest press releases and advisories, click here for more information.

COVID-19 Production Plan

While the provincial government does not require health and safety guidelines to be submitted by employers, all companies operating in Ontario are required to have a COVID-19 plan in place for their production. Regional and municipal film offices might also ask production companies to indicate that they have a plan as part of the location permitting process.

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