CION has been working with individuals, organizations and government to understand and prepare for the full impact of the coronavirus, and help the music and film industries in the North recover as the pandemic passes and situations improve.

In an effort to share information and insight CION gathers, we’ve created this FAQ to answer some of the most important questions. If we’ve missed something, please email

How can I get financial assistance?

CION has produced a list of resources being offered at this time. The list is being regularly updated. 

When will production activity resume?

At this time, it’s simply too early to tell. CION is in contact with the government directly and will update this page as soon as there is any new information. 

When will performances at live music venues and events resume?

It’s too early to tell. CION is in contact with the government directly and will update this page as soon as there is new information. 

However, there are many live virtual events happening across the world - some are paid, and this trend looks likely to continue for the short term. MusicTogether is offering musicians an opportunity to earn some income for live performances and from what we currently understand, this would not prevent you from also receiving any emergency benefits. Follow our Facebook page or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest information as we receive it.

Where can I connect with other businesses or individuals in the North working in the Cultural Industries?

The CION Facebook page is a great place to share information about the impact of COVID-19 on the creative industries in the North. Subscribing to our newsletter will ensure you received the latest information from us. The following groups are a good place to connect with others in the industry: 

What can I do to help?

Share positive stories of being creative in Northern Ontario. Play virtual live shows. Make digitally-distributable short films. Keep people inspired and hopeful. We all need the arts now more than ever.

Talk to friends and family and ensure their needs are taken care of. If you’re able, consider donating to any of the many artist relief funds listed here:

And of course:

  • Practice Physical Distancing
  • Wash Your Hands. 
  • Avoid Touching Your Face.
  • Stay Home.

What can I do to make the most of this time?

Do something creative! Make music, write scripts, apply for grants or funding. Most organizations are still accepting proposals and are eagerly awaiting the start of production. Most have confirmed that their full budgets are still available and are waiting for applications. We're working on an article of ways of kickstarting your own inspiration - check back soon.

Watch Northern Films and listen to Northern Music - you'll find links to CION's listings of both below!

Contact CION to consult on a potential project - musicians can reach out here, filmmakers here.

Update your crew profile and create your music profile.

Hone your skills so you’re ready to get back into the groove when the recovery begins. CION has put together a list of great training opportunities for musicians and film crews here (link coming soon!).