NOMFA 2019 Archive

In 2019, in addition to our awards gala, NOMFA hosted representatives from all major film unions operating in Northern Ontario, had a panel with CBC executives in charge of greenlighting media for digital and TV, tackled sexual harassment in the music industry and how to create safer spaces, and hosted an in-depth panel looking at the latest mediums and technologies for film and TV production. There were three music showcases and two film showcases, including a screening of the Sudbury-shot film Goalie.

NOMFA 2019 took place at Laurentian University’s McEwen School of Architecture in downtown Sudbury.

NOMFA Awards Ceremony 2019

NOMFA Nominees and Winners 2019

The New Romantic producer Jason Ross Jallet accepts the award for Outstanding Feature Film


CREATIVE IMPACT ONTARIO NORTH / Impact créatif - Ontario nord
Darlene Naponse

OUTSTANDING FEATURE FILM / Long métrage le plus remarquable
The New Romantic

OUTSTANDING SHORT/MID-LENGTH FILM / Court/moyen métrage le plus remarquable
Eric Robillard – Post-Script

OUTSTANDING SCREENWRITER / Scénario le plus remarquable
Darlene Naponse – Falls Around Her

OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A NORTHERN ONTARIO PRODUCTION / Prestation d'acteur la plus remarquable dans une production nord-ontarienne
Josh Wiggins – Giant Little Ones

OUTSTANDING DIRECTOR / Réalisation la plus remarquable
Darlene Naponse – Falls Around Her

OUTSTANDING TELEVISION OR VOD SERIES / Série télévisée ou VOD (vidéo sur demande) la plus remarquable
Letterkenny - Season 3


Kalle Watson, Outstanding Songwriter winner 2019, performs at the ceremony

OUTSTANDING ALBUM / Album le plus remarquable
Pharos of Alexandria – Flowers of Atacama

OUTSTANDING ALBUM BY A FRANCOPHONE ARTIST / Album francophone le plus remarquable
Cindy Doire – Panorama

OUTSTANDING ALBUM BY AN INDIGENOUS ARTIST / Album le plus remarquable par un artiste autochotone
Quantum Tangle – Shelter As We Go…

OUTSTANDING ENGINEER / Ingénieur du son le plus remarquable
Shawn Sasyniuk – I Own a Bittersweet Flashlight by Matt Thibeault

OUTSTANDING SONGWRITER / Auteur-compositeur le plus remarquable
Kalle Mattson – "Astronaut"

OUTSTANDING VOCAL PERFORMANCE ON A RECORDING / Prestation vocale la plus remarquable sur un enregistrement
Patricia Cano – "Gracias a la Vida"

OUTSTANDING VIDEO BY A NORTHERN ONTARIO MUSICAL ACT Vidéoclip musical le plus remarquable par un artiste nord-ontarien
Kalle Mattson – "Kids On the Run"

2019 Music Award Nominees

Outstanding Album

  • The Ape-ettes - The Ape-ettes
  • Kalle Matheson - Youth
  • Matt Thibeault - Own a Bittersweet Flashlight
  • Mike Mikus - Mike Mikus
  • Pharos of Alexandria (Oli Palkovits) - Flowers of Atamaca
  • Quantum Tangle - Shelter As We Go...

Meilleur album par un artist francophone

  • Celeste Levis - Donne moi le temps
  • Cindy Doire - Panorama
  • Edouard Landry - L'escalade
  • Mclean - Un dernier fois

Outstanding Vocal Performance on a Recording

  • Celeste Levis - 100 ans
  • Jennifer Holub - Way Out
  • Mike Charette - Give it Up
  • Patricia Cano - Gracias a la Vida
  • TESSA (artist - Tessa Giro-Gooden) - Faking It


NOMFA 2019 Panels

From Thursday, May 23rd to Saturday May 25th, public audiences and artists will have the opportunity to attend music and film workshops led by industry veterans that cover a range of industry topics.

The panels are open to the public and can be can access either with a full Conference Pass or by purchasing tickets for ones you want.



The Art Of The Pitch: Working With Public Broadcasters

2:00 PM TO 3:30 PM

Venue: McEwen School of Architecture, 85 Elm Street, Classroom

Meet the CBC. CBC is looking for shows for CBC Gem, video and writers for the web, and creators to bring their ideas to a variety of social platforms. This is your opportunity to hear what the CBC is looking for across genres and how to pitch them. The panel will also discuss the business essentials to working with CBC, from financing your project, licensing rights, insurance requirements, and payment terms.

Moderator: Michelle McIver

Panelists: Mike Miner (CBC), Kyle McCutcheon (CBC), Clara Lee (CBC)



Safer Music Spaces Training - For Music Venues and Presenters

9:00 AM TO 1:00 PM

Venue: McEwen School of Architecture, 85 Elm Street, Boardroom

Across Canada there are over 600,000 cases of reported sexual-violence, sadly our workplaces and organizations are the spaces where this violence and harassment can and does happen. This workshop, facilitated by the Dandelion Initiative, will teach attendees how to recognize, respond to and prevent harmful behaviours and actions that can put guests, teams and businesses at risk. Topics will include Bystander Intervention, Inclusive Practices, Consent, Workplace Policies, and more.

Facilitator: Viktoria Belle (Dandelion Initiative)

Tickets Limited. Please contact us at for register.

Screenwriting: The Writing Approach of TV and Film

9:00 AM TO 10:30 AM

Venue: McEwen School of Architecture, 85 Elm Street, Classroom

The first step of any film or TV project is a strong script, which presents an exciting opportunity to writers in the every growing film industry. Does your writing style fit with the fast pace of television series or the big screen? This session focuses on educating new and upcoming screenwriters on the process of writing a stand-out screenplay, focusing

on research, character development and crafting a compelling story. Our panel of writers from TV and film will also discuss pitching your script, touching on the process of selling your work and collaborating with producers to bring your words to life on screen.

Moderator: Thom Ernst

Panelists: Brett Butler (Subprod), Jason Butler (Subprod), Christina Ray


Navigating Film Funding: Setting Your Course for Success

11:00 AM TO 12:30 PM

Venue: McEwen School of Architecture, 85 Elm Street, Lecture Hall

There is an increasing amount of funding available for film projects, though the application process can be extensive and competitive. This panel, featuring members of the Canadian Media Fund (CMF), Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) and Ontario Arts Council (OAC), will cover Canada’s numerous funding programs for film projects and help attendees understand how to create a strong application and that stands out from the competition.

Moderator: Michelle McIver

Panelists: Rod Butler (CMF), Sophie Edwards (OAC), Melissa Gainer (NOHFC)


Maximum Airplay: Radio and Streaming

11:30 AM TO 12:30 PM

Venue: McEwen School of Architecture, 85 Elm Street, Classroom

With the continuous evolution of music distribution comes questions about where musicians should devote time and energy to get their music heard. Examining the traditional radio platform and modern streaming platforms, this panel offers insight into how both contribute to an artist’s career development in different ways, while looking at best practices for using both radio and streaming to their greatest effect.

Moderator: Vel Omazic (Canada’s Music Incubator)

Panelists: Drew Khan (SiriusXM), Aven Hoffarth (Indoor Recess), Marc Meriläinen (Radio tracker)

Tickets $10

Film Unions & Guilds: Making the Most of Your Membership

1:00 PM TO 2:00 PM

Venue: McEwen School of Architecture, 85 Elm Street, Lecture Hall

With the Northern film industry continuing to grow, union membership has become increasingly important to ensure safety and job success for Northern crew members. This information training session, with speakers from NABET 700, ACTRA, IATSE, and DGC, will explain the ins-and-outs of union membership including how to join, the benefits of joining, and how to access union services.

Moderator: Rob Riselli (CION)

Panelists: David Seymour (DGC), Jennifer Kiefaber (DGC), Victoria Shen (ACTRA), David Rumley (IATSE 667), Alistair Hepburn (ACTRA), Jayson Mosek, (NABET 700-M UNIFOR), 


Data to Dollars 

1:00 PM TO 2:00 PM

Venue: McEwen School of Architecture, 85 Elm Street, Classroom

From engaging your fans on social media to performing or presenting a live show, valuable insights about your audience are in plain sight. Learn to recognize and track important data from your everyday activities and leverage it to boost revenue.

Moderator: Isidra Cruz (Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance) 

Panelists: Aven Hoffarth (Indoor Recess), Jordan Howard (CCS Rights Management), Veronica Johnny


Speed Schmoozing

2:30 PM TO 4:30 PM

Venue: McEwen School of Architecture, 85 Elm Street, Classroom

Need advice on completing a funding application directly from the funder? How about feedback on an ongoing project or information on joining a union or guild? This two-hour session will allow you to get valuable face time with industry delegates in a speed-dating format to make pitches, ask questions and receive personalized advice on your career.

Passholders can sign up for meetings atthe registration desk at McEwen School of Architecture.



Creating Safer Spaces and Workplaces

10:00 AM TO 12:00 PM

Venue: McEwen School of Architecture, 85 Elm Street, Lecture Hall

Maintaining a safe work environment is of utmost importance for ensuring the success of the Northern cultural industries. This information session on harassment will give an overview of current initiatives being conducted by unions, guilds and organizations to ensure safe and accountable workplaces, be they film sets, performing arts centers or rock clubs. Learn about your rights and obligations under the law, the latest changes in collective agreements, and available resources.

Moderator: Rob Riselli (CION)

Panelists: Viktoria Belle (Dandelion Initiative), Cynthia Clayton (DGC Ontario), Anne Paynter (IATSE 411), Jayson Mosek (NABET 700-M Unifor), Victoria Shen (ACTRA), Liana White (Canadian Federation of Musicians), David Rumley (IATSE 667)


Underground & Underserved: Building Community and Audience Outside of the Box (sponsored by Music Ontario)

12:30 PM TO 1:30 PM

Venue: McEwen School of Architecture, 85 Elm Street, Lecture Hall

From electronic and EDM to hip-hop and multicultural fusion, some of the biggest hits on the charts stem from genres that still don’t get the support or resources from the industry that match the demand for, or success of the music. Share positive ways to connect, engage and mobilize with like-minded creators, and discuss how the industry is changing its tune to create space for the underground, different voices and fresh perspective in the mainstream.

Moderated by: Music Ontario

Panelists: Ayo Leilani (Witch Prophet), Rosina Kazi (LAL), Melody McKiver

Mediums, Methods And Film Technologies: The Future Is Here

1:00 PM TO 2:00 PM

Venue: McEwen School of Architecture, 85 Elm Street, Classroom

New mediums and methods of creating visual media has led to a move away from traditional TV and theatre towards more content in our homes. In this in-depth conversation about the ever changing film and TV landscape, film vendors, manufacturers, post production and educational institutions will discuss the trends they see developing in the near future and how to adapt and be ahead of the curve.

Moderator: Rob Riselli (CION)

Panelists: Dave Clement (Canadore College), Mike Dobson (ARRI Lighting), Brian Sharpe (OnSet Communications), Mark Stevens (REDLAB), Pasha Patriki (Northern Colour & Light)

NOMFA 2019 Panelist Bios

VIKTORIA BELLE – Dandelion Initiative

Viktoria Belle is the founder and Executive Director of the Dandelion Initiative, a grassroots not for profit by survivors for survivors of sexual violence and abuse. She has been an educator for 10 years, with an expertise in public policy and gender-based violence prevention. She developed the Safer Bars & Spaces Program, delivering safer spaces training across Canada, transforming workplace and industry cultures. Viktoria is a Roma woman and LGBTQ community member and musician in the city of Toronto where she lives with her partner and pup, Buffy.

Panels: Safer Music Spaces Training - For Music Venues and Presenters, Creating Safer Spaces and Workplaces

BRETT AND JASON BUTLER – Substance Production

The Butler Brothers are maverick producers based out of Toronto that are dedicated to creating bold, exciting and original content for film and television under their company moniker, Substance Production (SubProd). Building films from the ground up, their most recent “Butler Brothers Brew”, First Round Down, was top 5 in Canadian film box office during its opening week and their previous film, Mourning Has Broken, won multiple awards on the independent festival circuit before its release in 47 countries. Their boutique studio covers the entire spectrum for the right project; re-writes, story editing, packaging and producing to directing or editing – bringing vision to screen is their passion.

Panel: Screenwriting: The Writing Approach of TV and Film

ROD BUTLER, Canadian Media Fund

As Director, Programs and Policy at the Canada Media Fund, Rod is responsible for developing CMF policy and analyzing and advising on legal and regulatory issues that impact the CMF. Prior to joining the CMF, Rod worked at the Writers Guild of Canada and Entertainment One. A trained lawyer, Rod obtained his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Queen’s University and his Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) degree in Media, Information and Technoculture from Western University.

Panel: Navigating Film Funding: Setting Your Course for Success


Cynthia Clayton serves as the Treasurer of the Section 21 Committee. A Senior Business Agent with DGC and previously an Assistant Business Agent with the IATSE 667, Cynthia has a strong background in member advocacy in the screen-based industries. A member of the Directors Guild since 1987, Cynthia’s experience as a 2nd Assistant Director allows her to contribute first-hand knowledge of on-set safety issues to the Section 21 Committee. In addition to her industry experience, Cynthia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in film from Queen’s University and a Post- Graduate French Language Certificate from the University of Grenoble.

Panel: Creating Safer Spaces and Workplaces

DAVE CLEMENT, Canadore College

Dave Clement is a filmmaker and full-professor in the Digital Cinematography program at Canadore College in North Bay, ON. He has worked in various capacities in both dramatic and documentary film production including writing, producing, directing, cinematography, and editing. Dave has guided nearly two-hundred students through the filmmaking process, several of whom who have gone on to be recognised nationally and internationally for their work. In 2006, he founded the prolific Northern Ontario-based company Thunderstone Pictures and recently produced the award-winning feature film Angelique’s Isle along with Michelle Derosier, Amos Adetuyi and Floyd Kane. Dave is also a five-time recipient of various MFM Northern Music and Film Awards and is proud to have participated in the production and post-production of three of this year’s NOMFA nominated films.

Panel: Mediums, Methods And Film Technologies: The Future Is Here

ISIDRA CRUZ, Indigenous Community Performing Arts Fund

Isidra Cruz is a Mexican/ Cree Arts Administrator and Costume Designer. Isidra has focused her attentions to working in the Indigenous arts community with organizations such as imagineNATIVE Film+ Media Arts Festival, Native Earth Performing Arts and as the Indigenous Arts Program Manager at the Toronto Arts Council as well as the Associate Indigenous Arts Officer at the Ontario Arts Council. Isidra is currently the Program Manager for the Indigenous Community Performing Arts Fund, a partnership between Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance and the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Panel: Data to Dollars

MIKE DOBSON, ARRI Lighting in Canada

Mike Dobson is the Technical Sales Representative for ARRI Lighting in Canada. Arnold & Richter Cine Technik (ARRI) is a global company within the motion picture media industry, employing around 1,500 staff worldwide. The company was founded in 1917 in Munich, Germany, where the headquarters is still located today. As a graduate of DeVry Institute of Technology, Mike started in the industry as an Electronics Technician in 1989 at William F. White specializing in electronic ballast repair for HMI Lighting Systems. He also held a similar position in the Rental House World at PS Production Services. After doing two years of contract work for ARRI Canada Mike was brought on full time in 2007 in their Service Department. In 2011 he transitioned to the Technical Sales role still held today.

Panel: Mediums, Methods And Film Technologies: The Future Is Here

SOPHIE EDWARDS – Ontario Arts Council

As Northeastern Representative for the Ontario Arts Council, Sophie’s role includes raising awareness about OAC programs and services and providing guidance to OAC grant applicants. She works with artists and arts organizations from all districts of the northeast. Sophie brings 30 years of experience working in community development, program development, and cultural sector development.

Panel: Navigating Film Funding: Setting Your Course for Success


Thom Ernst has over 20 years in the film and television industry as a host, producer, writer and film critic. Many Ontarians will recognize Thom as the host and producer of TVO’s Saturday Night at the Movies. Thom’s appeared as a regular critic and commentator on CBC, The National, and CTV News and his written work has been published in the Toronto Star, National Post, Playback and in two anthologies.

Panels: Screenwriting: The Writing Approach of TV and Film, Film Showcase Goalie


Melissa Gainer is a Program Coordinator with the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC), an agency of the government of Ontario’s Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines (ENDM).  The NOHFC has a mandate to promote and stimulate economic development initiatives in Northern Ontario by providing financial assistance to projects that stabilize, diversify and foster the economic growth and diversification of the region. Originally from Sudbury, Melissa has served in several roles at NOHFC and ENDM since joining the organization in 2003. She took over the Film & Television Industry Projects portfolio in 2015 and has been actively working with the sector ever since. She has extensive experience in the field of economic development and program delivery and is enthusiastic in supporting the increasing the number of high quality, original film and television productions produced in Northern Ontario.

Panel: Navigating Film Funding: Setting Your Course for Success

AVEN HOFFARTH - Artist Manager, Indoor Recess Inc.

With small town Ontario work ethic and a Radio & Television Arts degree from Ryerson University, Aven entered the music industry in 2013 and hasn’t looked back since. Today, she has considerable experience in social media strategy and digital marketing that ranges from international album campaigns to on-tour coordination for arena tours.

Panels: Maximum Airplay: Radio and Streaming, Data to Dollars

JORDAN HOWARD - CCS Rights Management

Jordan is the Creative Director and Global Head of A&R and Artist Development for international publishing company, CCS Rights Management.

Panel: Data to Dollars

I.A.T.S.E. LOCAL 634

I.A.T.S.E. Local 634 consists of artists, technicians, and craftspeople who work primarily in film, television and stage production in Northern Ontario. We work on all types of productions and all budget levels, including some of the biggest productions the North has ever seen. We are recognized for our professionalism. From our earliest days, we have actively participated in the development and growth of the film and television production industry in Northern Ontario. Along with marketing the North as a production destination, our approach is to supply the best talent possible and act reasonably to ensure a stable labour relations climate in our industry.

Panels: Film Unions & Guilds: Making the Most of Your Membership, Creating Safer Spaces and Workplaces


Veronica Johnny (BeAny) is a multi-disciplinary, Indigenous, two-spirit artist from the Northwest Territories, living in northern Ontario. From humble musical beginnings, Ms. Johnny has emerged as a dynamic force in the Canadian arts industry, working as a performer, producer, manager, promoter, writer and arts educator. Veronica is the front woman, vocalist, co-producer and manager of her high-energy rock band, The Johnnys. Two of their singles have made the National Aboriginal Music Countdown Top Ten, while all three Johnnys albums garnered nominations for national awards. Ms. Johnny has become a seasoned performer, amassed studio experience on either side of the mixing console and has written and/or produced songs as solo artist, contemporary hand drummer and as a member of groups. Her favorite projects as a Producer have been for Cree language revitalization; and empowering projects with youth groups such as Youth Rise, Fostering Open eXpression among Youth (F.O.X.Y.) and Girls Rock Camp Toronto.

Panel: Data to Dollars


One of the "behind the scenes" movers and shakers in Toronto’s underground music scene, Rosina Kazi is the lead singer of the band LAL. She has been instrumental in the growth of many of the city’s female/queer/trans artists and Dj’s, providing venues and forums for their musical expression. More importantly, she has managed to add an air of consciousness and political awareness to many of those events, and this awareness is the most distinctive factor of her/their music. She/they also help run alternative Do It Together community/ arts space, Unit 2, that is dedicated to supporting local / indie talent and making safer space for QT2S/BIPOC and friends.

Panel: Underground & Underserved: Building Community and Audience Outside of the Box


Drew Khan grew up in Toronto listening to all types of music – everything from country to calypso. Not surprisingly, music continues to be a huge part of his life. He helps program and find new music for SiriusXM Canada’s indie rock channel The Verge. You can hear Drew on The Verge’s top ten countdown - The Grocery List each week, and on LiVE@TheVerge, where he gets to know the artists behind the music.

Panel:  Maximum Airplay: Radio and Streaming

CLARA LEE - Manager, Business & Rights, Digital

Clara has been part of the Business & Rights team at CBC since 2015. She helps producers on business and legal issues from pre-development to post-production for CBC platforms, including CBC Gem. Prior to CBC, Clara worked in business affairs at a large Canadian production company, after completing her articles at a full-service law firm in Toronto. She is a graduate of Ryerson University’s Radio and Television Arts program, and completed her law degree at the University of Windsor. She is a year-round cyclist and an amateur cat whisperer.

Panel: The Art Of The Pitch: Working With Public Broadcasters

AYO LEILANI - Witch Prophet

Witch Prophet is an evolution of Toronto based, Ethiopian/Eritrean singer-songwriter Ayo Leilani. A soundscape of vocal layers, loops, raps and harmonies on a bed of hip-hop, jazz and soul-inspired beats.

Panel: Underground & Underserved: Building Community and Audience Outside of the Box

KYLE MCCUTCHEON - Head, CBC Creator Network

Kyle McCutcheon is the head of the Creator Network and has been with CBC for the past 3 years. He leads the national and regional teams that discover, foster and connect Canadian digital creators with opportunities to produce content for the CBC. Currently, they are working with over 120+ creators from across the country. Previously, Kyle was the Manager of Online Video Strategy and Digital Partnerships at Corus Entertainment, worked in development at HBO Canada and started his career in talent management at New Wave Entertainment (Los Angeles).

Panel: The Art Of The Pitch: Working With Public Broadcasters


As an award-nominated digital producer and media consultant, Michelle McIver has been a lead content strategist, discoverability strategist and contributor to dozens of successful funding applications for both TV and Digital. Working with some of Canada’s leading content producers and broadcasters including TVO, TFO, Radio-Canada, CBC, Netflix, CityTV and YTV, Michelle has built many successful partnerships and helped companies leverage and execute on campaigns within the online space in order to enhance their IP.

Panel: The Art Of The Pitch: Working With Public Broadcasters, Navigating Film Funding: Setting Your Course for Success


Melody McKiver is an Anishinaabe multidisciplinary artist and arts educator located in Sioux Lookout on Treaty #3 territory. A member of Obishikokaang Lac Seul First Nation on their mother’s side, Melody’s father’s family are settler Canadians of Scottish and Lithuanian origins. Melody is a compelling solo performer, integrating contemporary electronics into rigorous Western classical musical training to shape Anishinaabe compositions for the new millennium. In addition to their solo practice, Melody is an in-demand collaborator and composer and plays drums with Indigenous hip-hop fusion band Red Slam Collective, and has collaborated with Polaris Music Prize-winner Lido Pimienta, toured with iskwé and composed string arrangements for Lakota Hip Hop artist Frank Waln.

Panel: Underground & Underserved: Building Community and Audience Outside of the Box


MARC MERILÄINEN – Meriläinen Music

Although Marc now lives in Toronto, he grew up living in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Over the past 30 years Marc has toured relentlessly, received numerous award nominations for his record releases as well as other accolades from the industry. Currently Marc runs an artist development & management company called Meriläinen Music that specializes working with Indigenous artists.

Panel: Maximum Airplay: Radio and Streaming

MIKE MINER - Executive in Charge of Production, Unscripted Digital

Mike Miner is the executive in charge of production for digital originals in CBC’s unscripted department, and leads the unscripted digital team. He works in developing shows for CBC’s OTT player, CBC Gem. Previously, he oversaw editorial for CBC Music and led projects integrating radio, television and online. He was born and raised in Sudbury.

Panel: The Art Of The Pitch: Working With Public Broadcasters


Jayson Mosek has been the Business Agent with NABET 700-M UNIFOR since 2011. NABET 700-M UNIFOR represents Ontario film, television, and new media technicians who have serviced domestic and international productions for over forty-five (45) years. In this role, Jayson is responsible for the promotion and marketing of the Union to prospective producers thereby securing work opportunities for the Union’s membership. He is also part of the Union’s bargaining committee which negotiates the master collective agreement with the CMPA every 3 years. Jayson also works on various committees which strive to provide for the betterment of both.

Panel: Film Unions & Guilds: Making the Most of Your Membership

VEL OMAZIC, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Canada’s Music Incubator

Vel Omazic has been Canada’s Music Incubator’s executive director since co-founding the not-for-profit organization in 2011. CMI provides customized and ongoing mentorship to artists and managers across all genres of music across Canada. He has worked in the Canadian music industry for over two decades, having served as vice-president, national promotion and media relations for Sony Music Canada for 10 years. He got his start in the music industry in the national promotion/publicity department at PolyGram Records. Prior to co-founding CMI, Vel was VP marketing & communications at Green Living Enterprises, an environmental consulting, marketing and events agency.

Panel: Maximum Airplay: Radio and Streaming



Since he was 4 years old, Pasha was determined to become a filmmaker. Growing up in Moscow, Russia, he started learning the craft by playing with his grandfather’s Super-8 camera. After moving to Toronto in 1996, Pasha started working on various film sets as a lighting technician, simultaneously studying in the Film & Video production program at York University. Today – 18 years professionally in the business - Pasha’s work as Director of Photography has been recognized in Canada, USA and internationally. Diverse shooting styles allow Pasha to work on projects varying from music videos to commercials to feature films. Almost every year music videos lensed by Pasha receive nominations at Much Music Video Awards, and commercials with his name as DP are winning Promax awards.

Panel: Mediums, Methods And Film Technologies: The Future Is Here


Christina Ray has been a working screenwriter ever since winning the Austin Film Festival’s screenwriting award for her spec feature, ROYAL SUCKAGE. She has written for film, television and video games, such as (respectively) GINGER SNAPS BACK, BLACKSTONE, and FAR CRY 5. Her horror/comedy film, END OF DAYS INC was a finalist at the 2017 WGC awards. She is currently writing an episode of TRIBAL, a police procedural, which will air on APTN.

Panel: Screenwriting: The Writing Approach of TV and Film



David Rumley is the Business Representative of the International Cinematographers Guild (I.A.T.S.E. Local 667 & Local 671). The Guild represents over a thousand professionals in the publicity and camera departments and covers all phases of filmed or digitally recorded motion picture productions, including feature films, television movies and series, commercials, internet and live events in eastern Canada. He has been an active member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 667 for the past 22 years and served on its Executive Board for 20 years as Secretary, Treasurer and Business Representative.

Panel: Film Unions & Guilds: Making the Most of Your Membership


David Seymour is the Manager of Member Services at DGC Ontario. His career in the film and television industry has spanned seventeen years, the last ten of which were as an Assistant Director.

Panel: Film Unions & Guilds: Making the Most of Your Membership

BRIAN SHARPE - Onset Communication Inc.

Over the last 27 years Brian has held every job position in the industry except hair and makeup, but settled on Producer and Director of Photography. He has produced TV series that have aired on CTV, CBCKids, Nickelodeon, Teletoon and internationally. He has delivered over 220 hours of original programming and worked on numerous feature films over the years. Brian also started Onset Communication Inc, a technology company focused on innovation in the Film and TV industry. The company’s first product, The OnSet Assistant, is a tool to facilitate more precise, faster communication on set. The OnSet Assistant is a tablet based system that instantly communicates with live annotation over camera feeds, turning 10 minute discussions into 10 second decisions. Brian lives and works in Prince Edward Island, with his wife and daughter.

Panel: Mediums, Methods And Film Technologies: The Future Is Here


Victoria Shen is a labour and human rights lawyer. She works on issues of harassment and human rights for ACTRA. She sits on various film and television industry health and safety committees, the working groups of the Canadian Creative Industry Code of Conduct, and the Respectful Workplaces in the Arts Coordinating Committee for Cultural Human Resources Canada. She is a frequent speaker on issues of harassment in the film and television industry. Her litigation experience includes appearing before the HRTO in sexual harassment cases, labour arbitrations, and appeals on WSIB, EI, and CPPD.

Panels: Film Unions & Guilds: Making the Most of Your Membership, Creating Safer Spaces and Workplaces

MARK STEVENS- REDLAB Partner/Head of Sales

Working in the industry for 15 years, Mark thrives on building craft-driven creative partnerships between content creators and the team at REDLAB. His colleagues know him as a down-to-earth leader, someone who is persistent, honest, and utterly devoted to every project. His friends know him to be as passionate about post-production as he is about Toronto sports teams and weekends at the cottage.

Panel: Mediums, Methods And Film Technologies: The Future Is Here


LIANA WHITE, Canadian Federation of Musicians

Liana White is the Executive Director of the Canadian Federation of Musicians, and she has held various positions within the CFM since 1996. White is involved in many aspects of the union’s operations, from lobbying and negotiating on behalf of musicians to mentoring them. Atop those functions, White has provided cross border related services to musicians for over 20 years, and has become recognized within the music industry as a leading authority on the legal requirements for musicians performing in the United States and Canada as temporary workers. White is on the Board of Women in Music Canada and on the Women’s Committee of the Canadian Labour Congress. In early 2018, White spearheaded an initiative to gather together representatives of the live and recorded music industry addressing fairness and equity for Canadian musicians, audiences and music industry organizations. This initiative resulted in 42 music industry associations signing onto a Code of Conduct applicable to the music community.

Panel: Creating Safer Spaces and Workplaces

NOMFA 2019 Showcases

From May 23rd to the 25th, NOMFA 2019 will be showcasing some of the best talent from across Northern Ontario.

Each and every night of NOMFA 2019 will feature a music showcase.

We will also two film showcases during the conference featuring films shot in the north.

Tickets for all these events are only $10 or you can access them all with a $75 Conference Pass.

Tickets are available at the door.  

NOMFA Music Showcases

Thursday, May 23rd 

NOMFA Opening Reception & Music Showcase

8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Fromagerie Elgin

With Melody McKiver + Darius Gray, Rose-Erin Stokes, Mclean, Greyson Gritt, Kalle Mattson.

Tickets $10 and available at the door

Friday, May 24th 

Northern Music Showcase

8:00 PM TO 11:00 PM - Little Montreal

With Nick Sherman + Rico Littledeer, Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect, Jennifer Holub, and The Honest Heart Collective.

Tickets $10 and available at the door

Saturday, May 25th

Official NOMFA After-Party

10:00 PM TO 2:00 AM - The Townhouse Tavern

With Silvertongue and TESSA

Ticket $10 and will be available at the door.

NOMFA FIlmShowcases

Friday, May 24th

Film Showcase - Goalie

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM - McEwen School of Architecture

Following a screening of the film, producer Daniel Iron will be on hand to relate the ins and outs of the filmmaking process, offering insights on different facets of development and the teamwork required to have a film project succeed.

Moderator: Thom Ernst

Panelist: Daniel Iron, Producer

Tickets $10 and available at the door

Saturday, May 25th

Northern Short Film Showcase

2:00 PM TO 4:00 PM - McEwen School of Architecture

This showcase represents the continued success and talent of short filmmakers in Northern Ontario. The screening includes Short Film nominees: Future Sick (Aaron Martini), Bonsai Dream (Jimmie Chiverelli), The Last Wish (Vladimir Sokolskyy), Post-Script (Eric Robillard), and The Philanthropist (Jayson Stewart).

The directors will be on-hand to answer questions following the screening.

Tickets $10 and available at the door.