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The complete Crew Database for film and television productions in Northern Ontario.

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CION’s Crew Database is your one-stop resource for hiring crew in Northern Ontario. Classified by position and region, with options to identify specific production names and union affiliation, the database will help you find the specialized crew you need.

The database features close to 1000 members, including DOPs, locations managers, art directors, sound and lighting technicians, grip professionals, and a wide variety of specialized positions.


Northern Ontario's film workforce is invited to create user profiles, upload resumes, and advertise their expertise for the consideration of producers who are looking to increase their crew in particular regions. 

Key features of our database include:

  • Up-to-date listings of all available crew in Northern Ontario;

  • Searchable by Name, City, Credit, Production, Union Affiliation; 

  • Links to personalized crew profiles (IMDB, LinkedIn, Vimeo, etc);

  • Standardized resume templates and crew profiles for easy search.

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