“La Switch” Casting Call for English and French Speaking Roles

Various Roles

Filming Location: Sudbury, ON

Paid Work

Shooting dates: Summer 2020 when COVID protocols allow

Carte Blanche Films is casting English and French-speaking roles for their upcoming feature film entitled “La Switch.”  The plan is to shoot in Sudbury in the late summer of 2020 but will obviously depend on the status of all COVID-19 restrictions.  All casting will be done by self-tape only with no in-person auditions being offered. 

We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every role, we look for qualified performers, without regard to disability, race, colour, national origin, ethnic origin or any other basis prohibited by law unless otherwise specifically indicated.

The roles being casted are as follows:

SHERIFF: (Francophone) Male, Age 55-65 A rugged small-town policeman born in a logging camp near Hearst. Volunteered to join the US Army during Vietnam. Bounced around Southeast Asia for 15 years after the War working as a "security consultant". Became a practising Buddhist during this time. Lives alone in a small cabin in the woods full of memorabilia. Has known our lead character Marc since he was a child.

GUS: (Anglophone) Male, Age 45-55, Gun store clerk and a charming devilish type.

RENE: (Francophone) Male, Age 21, lost and anxious young man with haunted eyes. Crushed by his experience at war. He was the sensitive brother. Frail compared to our strong lead character Leblanc. He would’ve been a great carpenter.

MEDICAL TECHNICIAN: (Francophone) Male/Female, Age 35, MRI Tech concerned with operating his/her machine more than with paying attention to patients.

DICK & JOHN : (Anglophone) Males, Age 35-65, Two White American poachers from upstate Michigan. They’re mostly harmless trash-talkers but epitomize the bellicose worst of red-state America. They’re MAGA before MAGA.

MILITARY OFFICE CLERK:  (Francophone)  Male/Female, Age 25-35, A nerdy person with glasses. Very stiff and by the book. Hasn’t held a rifle since basic training but is up for a cushy desk job at the Department of Defense in Ottawa very soon.

DRUNKEN SLOB #1: (Francophone)  Male, Age 29, he’d be a great frat boy if he was smart enough to get into college. 

DRUNKEN SLOB #2: (Francophone)  Male, Age 35, a man who lives for liquid courage every weekend. His face has been punched many times but that doesn’t stop him from getting in people’s faces.

TALKATIVE PERSON:  (Francophone)  Male/Female, Age 50-65, An expert on every subject with opinions on everything. Loves the sound of his/her own sing-song voice.

JEFF: (Francophone)  Male, Age 35, small-town privileged pretty boy. Has a nice car with leather seats and oversized rims. His dad was a VP at one of the mines at one time.

TOW TRUCK DRIVER: (Francophone)  Male/Female, Age 28-35, Straight talking working type with a bad cold.

LEGION HALL BARTENDER:  (Francophone)  Male, Age 55, chubby balding guy who’s never been in the army. He’s been serving the same guys the same drinks and the same stories for at least a decade.

CUSTOMER WITH HEARING LOSS: Male (Sign language required) Age 45-55, very animated face and gestures, overemphasizes his tall tales.

FEMALE JOURNALIST:  (Anglophone) Female, Age 30, A local news reporter. Rene’s standoff with police is the biggest story she ever covered. She hopes it breaks her into the big-time down South.

Please email tara@copperworksinc.ca for audition instructions and script package.  No phone calls please.

Deadline for submissions is July 1st, 2020.