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Learn the programs and services offered by CION designed to get you into the world of motion pictures.

How can CION help me?

We provide resources and direct support for people who want to get involved in the film, television, and music industries. Our goal is to help you develop your passions, explore creative career paths, and promote Northern Ontario's cultural industries.

Complimentary Services Available to You

The Hotlist
Stay up to date with all major motion picture productions that are shooting in Northern Ontario. Categorized by four distinct production stages, the Hotlist lets you know what projects are in your area, when they are happening, and who is involved. Productions visiting Northern Ontario often need local assistance - check out the Hotlist to see if your skills match current film crew needs.

Crew Database
Let production companies know you are ready to work with them. CION's Crew Database allows Northern Ontario film crew to create profiles, advertise their skills and experience, and secure contracts on new projects. Over 240 producers actively browse the Crew Database in search of people who are passionate about working in film. 

Cinema Summit
Every September, CION partners with Cinéfest International Film Festival to present Cinema Summit - a free-to-join event that offers educational opportunities and networking sessions that place you in the same room as film and television industry delegates. 

Music Consultations
Our Music Sector Development Officer is available for one-on-one conversations that will kick-start your career in Northern Ontario's music industry. From finding funding, securing gigs, and releasing projects, CION has the expertise to guide you to success.

Workforce Consultations
CION staff is available to answer your questions about the film and television industry in Northern Ontario. How do I get involved on a film crew? What training is available to me? Who should I reach out to? What funding opportunities can I apply for? Our team is here to help you every step of the way. 

MAPPED Funding
The Media Arts Production: Practiced, Employed, Developed (MAPPED) program offers up to $10,000 to production companies that commit to hiring and training first-time Northern Ontario film crews. Let us know that you want to work in film and you could be paired with a production for a one-of-a-kind mentorship session.

Join monthly conversations about Northern Ontario's film and television industry to stay up to date with the latest news, trends, and releases.

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Academic Film Programs in Northern Ontario

Canadore College - North Bay

Confederation College - Thunder Bay

Sault College - Sault Ste. Marie

Weengushk Film Institute - M'Chigeeng