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CION Launches The Canadian Songwriter Challenge

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Calling all aspiring songwriters! 

Northern Ontario-based songwriters can apply now to take part in the Canadian Songwriter Challenge in November. Participants will engage in live online workshops, direct online and in-person mentor sessions with professional Canadian songwriters, collaborative songwriting exercises and demo recording sessions.   

This project is a part of the Canadian Songwriter Challenge, a national project which is sponsored by Bell Media and presented by the CCMIA.

Webinar Wednesdays Now Available - Anytime!

In case you missed it the first time around, CION is pleased to present four music industry webinars now available on demand. This series of one-hour webinars will allow you to hear directly from leaders in the promotion and business side of the music world and help you improve your chances of thriving as a musician.  

Mind Your Own Business
With Vel Omazic (Canada’s Music Incubator), Kevin Hutchison (Knox Hutchison Insurance)
(Aired live on June 6, 2018)

The music business is a business like any other. To be able to grow as an artist, you will need to understand how to navigate this work environment to ensure that you are getting the most out of your work. This webinar will help you start viewing your art as a business, keeping track of and protecting your assets, and staying stable financially. Who doesn’t want that?

How to Social Media like a Pro
With Vanessa Cito (Reach Social), Michelle Bensimon (Caveboy)
(Aired live on June 13, 2018)

Your social media feeds are more than a place to check out cat memes. This webinar will help you turn your social media accounts into vehicles through which to promote your work and connect with an engaged audience.  Learn how social media fits into an overall marketing strategy, how to best employ each platform, and get tips, tricks and best practices to reap the benefits of this incredible tool.

Video Made the Radio Star
With Shawn Kosmerly (Here Kitty Kitty Productions), Mina Sewell Mansuco (director, editor, photographer)
(Aired live on June 20, 2018)

Music videos are still one of the best ways to get your music out there, and while modern technology means they’re viable DIY pursuits, there’s a lot to learn about them.  Let the pros take you through why they’re great marketing assets, how to make one with limited resources, and get some advice for working well with the director and crew.

Gettin' Ink Done – How to Get Media Attention
With Melissa Vincent (A.Side), Ken Beattie (Killbeat Music)
(Aired live on June 27, 2018)

Getting a review or a story written about your music can give a good boost to your career—but how do you make your work stand out to someone who gets hundreds of emails a day?  This webinar will show you what a publicity campaign can accomplish, and give you practical advice for getting a good buzz.

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