Film Studios

Northern Ontario Film Studios (Greater Sudbury and North Bay)

Northern Ontario’s biggest studio features a 16,000-square-foot stage floor, 3,000 square feet of office space, on- and off-site production offices, a hair and makeup room, a prop shop, a craft kitchen, laundry facilities, studio rentals, grip/lighting rentals, production service vehicle rentals, and prop/building material rentals. With fibre-optic internet and Wi-Fi, along with copious parking, this studio can accommodate an entire production.

Imaginarium Studio (Thunder Bay)

This 2,000-square-foot production studio is equipped to handle a wide variety of production needs, ideal for everything from interviews to complicated special effects productions.  The controlled environment with custom lighting and sound management greatly increases production value while reducing the costs associated with traveling to and working in an offsite location.

Gallus Entertainment (Sudbury)

Gallus Entertainment is a highly regarded Canadian developer and producer of animated series.
Through Canadian and International Co-productions Gallus bring reliability and quality to each and every production.

Copperworks (Sudbury)

Copperworks is a film, TV and digital media producer, developing high value content and offering turnkey solutions to producers, dealing with rapidly changing environments.

BRB Studios (Sudbury)

BRB Studio has over 3200 sqft of studio space, 20 workspaces, a meeting room, kitchenette, and ample parking - with circus parking just a block away.

Shoots like Photographic, Commercials, Indie Films, and VFX  (just to name a few) will thrive in our studio. Your Stories. Our Space.

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