Volunteer Casting Call (Sault Ste. Marie)

Published on Apr 7, 2017

***Volunteer Casting Call***
Sault ste. Marie, Ontario
Date: April 16th (weather permitting)
The old Cork Tree (inspired by the J.M. Barrie Novel)
Directed by Jonna Bouliane

***Please email head shots and a brief descriptions of yourself***

Peter (Ages 10-13)
young but wise beyond his years, Peter is the leader and last remaining boy from his tribe. He cares about two things in his life, taking care of Wendy and Staying young. 
Any ethnicity. Must be comfortable running through the forest in bare feet. (Forest floor will be monitored ahead of time to prevent injury)

The Nun (25-35)
Cold but understanding. Must have a have a wide range. (Sympathetic and understanding to Angry and worried)
4 Boys “The Lost boys" (Ages 9-14) (Any ethnicity, preferably POC)Wild and up beat, able to dance and let loose. Must be comfortable wearing ambiguous tribal make-up.

Synopsis: Peter, 13 and Wendy, 12 dance under under the beating sun. Peter, a young but resilient boy with Olive skin, freckles and curly brown hair. He’s the leader of the Lost Boys. Or at least he was. Saddened by the loss of his brethren, Peter has only 2 goals. Keeping Wendy safe and staying young forever. After one evening of dancing under the sun the pair are chased by "The Cloak” an evil spirit committed on destroying the last of the Lost boys. How far can the imagination of two kids go. Can it save them from growing old?
This Short is a fun J.M Barrie Inspired script. This will be a 3 minute short for the Digi60 Filmmakers' Festival in Ottawa with potentially of being submitted in other festivals. I'll be working closely with Wildling Tramp Jewelry to make this project a beautifully unique art piece. Looking for some talented crew, particularly students or recent grads that would be willing to help me.

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