Bridal Veil Falls in Kagawong on Manitoulin Island, 2015. Photo courtesy of Adam Killah.

MFM is currently offering funding to assist in training Northern Ontario residents working in film and television production. The program, Media Arts Production: Practised, Employed, Developed (MAPPED), is a highly competitive applied production career acclamation and advancement fund.

With funding from FedNor, CION will provide work and training opportunities for Northern Ontario’s media arts production crew members. The program is designed to supplement existing funding sources in order to further expand and develop the local skills base across Northern Ontario. The key points of the program are:

  • Qualifying productions can receive partial funding for up to six (6) Northern Ontario crew trainees to a maximum of $10,000 per production;

  • Trainee applicants must be new or emerging in their respective positions; this means they can have no more than two (2) credits totalling six (6) weeks of experience in the position being applied for. The position must be an upgrade within a department or a lateral transition to a new department; please see full guidelines for Northern Ontario priority positions.

  • MAPPED funding may cover a maximum of 50% of the crew trainee’s wages, depending on other funding sources. The percentage of MAPPED funding will be determined on a case by case basis.


NOTE: To meet the growing demand and limited funding available, MAPPED applications are accepted under a time-limited, competitive application intake rounds.


Application Deadline: Please stay tuned for future intake rounds.



MAPPED Program Guidelines (444.9 KB)

MAPPED Program Application (457.0 KB)

MAPPED Program Summary (336.4 KB)

MAPPED Program Priority Positions (366.3 KB)

For further information about MAPPED, please contact Rob Riselli:  or via phone at 705-885-9889

40 Larch Street, Suite 103, Sudbury, ON, P3E 5M7 | 705-885-9889 |